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  1. Ostapenko beats Williams 6-2 3-6 (10-5)
  2. Williams' first match since giving birth to daughter Alexis in September
  3. Williams won Australian Open while eight weeks pregnant
  4. World number seven Ostapenko won first Grand Slam at French Open in 2017

Live Reporting

By Amy Lofthouse

All times stated are UK

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  1. Post update

    Serena definitely grew into that match - the foot movement and serve might not be there yet but she hit some fine shots throughout the game.

    Thanks for joining us - we'll be back for the Australian Open.

  2. Post update

    More from Serena, speaking to Eurosport: "First matches back are always hard, especially after having a baby, but it's great to be here."

  3. Post update

    Serena Williams, speaking to Eurosport: "Motherhood is phenomenal. I was a little worried out there - I looked at my camp and asked "is Olympia okay?" but it's good to be back on the court. This was such a good time for me."

  4. Game, set and match - Ostapenko

    Williams 2-6 6-3 (5-10) Ostapenko

    And Ostapenko wins as Serena's flays her forehand out!

  5. Post update

    *Williams 2-6 6-3 (5-8) Ostapenko

    Match point comes up for Ostapenko...

  6. Post update

    Williams 2-6 6-3 (5-8) Ostapenko*

    A net cord goes Serena's way and she waves her hand in apology as she backhands a ferocious Ostapenko serve rather loosely.

    And another winner!

  7. Post update

    *Williams 2-6 6-3 (3-8) Ostapenko

    A winner from Serena, before she goes long on the forehand.

  8. Post update

    Williams 2-6 6-3 (2-7) Ostapenko*

    Up to the net comes Serena, feet off the ground as she goes for a forehand, and she slaps her return out of bounds.

  9. Post update

    *Williams 2-6 6-3 (2-6) Ostapenko

    Cross court goes Serena to get on the board, hammering a backhand beyond her opponent.

    A loose slap into the net, though, hands Ostapenko a point, before Serena beats her with an almighty forehand.

  10. Post update

    Williams 2-6 6-3 (0-5) Ostapenko*

    Ostapenko's stepped things up a level here, forcing her way into a rally with Serena before drawing the error out of her backhand.

    Ugh. That's not great from Serena, putting her all into her first serve and then missing an easy forehand. Ostapenko is halfway there...

  11. Post update

    *Williams 2-6 6-3 (0-3) Ostapenko

    And again from Serena! She gets the racquet low to meet a backhand, but can't clear the net.

    There's the ace from Ostapenko, right down the T.

  12. Tie-break

    Williams 2-6 6-3 (0-1) Ostapenko*

    Serena serves first and lets out an almighty yelp as she skews her backhand into the net.

  13. Post update

    Williams 2-6 6-3 Ostapenko

    That final shot to win the set - Serena really had to move quickly to get to the net as Ostapenko's drop shot took a nasty wobble off the net cord.

    We're into a match tie-break - first to ten wins...

  14. Game and second set - Williams

    Williams 2-6 6-3 Ostapenko

    Now it's Serena that pushes her shots wider, forcing Ostapenko to go right and then left, and she races to two set points.

    A forehand from Ostapenko is called wide, she challenges almost half-heartedly - and it's in! Even she looks amazed.

    A fine little tussle up at the net, Serena darting forward to met a net cord and volley over, and that's the set!

  15. Post update

    Williams 2-6 5-3 Ostapenko*

    Ostapenko times a forehand swat past Williams for 0-30, before she takes a step back and whacks a big forehand down the line.

    And the Latvian breaks to love as Serena, with a yell, nets a loose forehand.

  16. Williams breaks again

    *Williams 2-6 5-2 Ostapenko

    An inviting serve from Ostapenko is whacked out of play by Serena, much to her annoyance, before the Latvian finds her range.

    Into the net goes Ostapenko's forehand, before Serena stands still and crashes a forehand winner past her. The American breaks once again, and will serve for the set.

    * denotes next server

  17. Post update

    Williams 2-6 4-2 Ostapenko*

    Serena comes dashing forward to meet an Ostapenko volley, gets herself behind the ball - and nets it! She looks a touch disgruntled with herself.

    It's 0-30 before an Ostapenko backhand floats high and wide, before Serena levels things up with an ace.

    Fine work from both players, both charging side to side, before Serena steps in and crunches a winner in response. A big serve that Ostapenko spears out, and Serena holds.

  18. Post update

    *Williams 2-6 3-2 Ostapenko

    Much better from Jelena Ostapenko on her serve.

    She throws her body into two serves before a drop shot goes wonky, the ball not even clearing the net.

    Tame returns from Serena, and Ostapenko holds as a net cord goes her way.

  19. Ostapenko gets a break back

    Williams 2-6 3-1 Ostapenko*

    Serena's first serve is still loose and Ostapenko works it to her advantage, pushing forehands either side of the American to give herself three break points.

    And she'll take them with ease! A little more zip behind her returns and Serena slaps a backhand out.

  20. Serena breaks again

    *Williams 2-6 3-0 Ostapenko

    Two thwacked forehands from Serena beat Ostapenko for 30-15, before Ostapenko stands tall and whips a backhand beyond her.

    Serena then wins a point that she looked out of, first sprawling to meet Ostapenko's serve before the Latvian rather sloppily returns a forehand.

    Long goes Ostapenko, and that's a double break for Serena!