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By Tom Rostance

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  1. Catch-up on today's action

    Don't forget you can watch Today at the Games on BBC Two at 19:00 GMT and Winter Olympics Extra on BBC Four from 20:00 GMT. You can watch both at the top of this page by using the play button.

    Replays from today's action will follow Final Score on the Red Button and on this page from 22:30 until 23:59 GMT.

  2. See you later! (Tonight)

    I bid you all farewell.

    Head to the winters page for all the action, reaction, highlights and clips, and we'll see you back later on tonight.

  3. Ice Hockey

    USA 5-0 OAR

    All over, and that's the sport all over with for the day. A comfortable 5-0 win for the US.

    Gig Martin
  4. 'It's out of my control'

    Women's 500m

    More just in from Elise Christie, who provided us with the moment of the day - just not in the way she would have hoped.

    "It's obviously really hard to explain. I've worked so hard for that moment out there and I got knocked over. It's so out of my control and that almost feels worse.

    "At least I can go home and think I didn't make any mistakes but it still sucks. I've ended up with fourth place and that's pretty hard to deal with right now.

    "I moved into second and I got hit, and I couldn't hold the corner but we were going quite fast on these tiny blades and you can't always hold it.

    "When I went down, I knew it was over. I knew they'd only penalise one person."

  5. Watch out!

    No animals or camerapeople were harmed in the making of this video...

  6. The need for speed...

    USA 4-0 OAR

    Get involved: USA vs OAR in the Ice Hockey and "Danger Zone" is playing in the background. Safe to say the USA are winning 4-0 thanks to some Icewomen. Now, where's Goose?

    USA v OAR
  7. Christie 'will regroup'

    Women's 500m

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Jo Eley, academy head coach for GB short-track speed skating - who has worked with Elise Christie- told BBC Radio 5 live:

    "I know she said she’s finding it hard to find any positives today, I think later in the week she’ll look back and see how well she is skating and feel really confident going into Saturday.

    "She has a really good team around her - our performance director, psychologist, all our coaches and performance analysts. They will all support her and have a plan around what will work best for Elise to get her in the best place to perform again.

    "The first thing is allowing people to be disappointed. I think she will spend today and tomorrow being really disappointed and then she will start looking ahead to the next distance."

  8. Post update

    It was a long time ago now but here's one of the day's highlights - Shaun White defying gravity...

  9. 'Elise needs a good cry'

    Women's 500m

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Jo Eley, academy head coach for GB short-track speed skating - who has worked with Elise Christie - told BBC Radio 5 live:

    "We are really used to dealing with the emotion on one day and resetting for another distance on another day. The nature of our sport enables that because we do multiple distances.

    "For Elise, she is the kind of person who needs a good cry to get it out of her system. For her, the worst thing someone could say is ‘there’s nothing to cry about’."

    Elise Christie

    "Elise is the kind of person that wants to win so much, she is such a determined person, you actually don’t need to say much to her other than ‘we are racing again on Saturday’. She’ll want that medal.

    "I think it is a strength of hers that she can get that emotion out there, it’s a release. For people who find it hard to process the emotion, it lingers a bit longer."

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    #bbcolympics or text us on 81111

    David Roughton: why do Short Track Dutch skaters wear National colours, & Long Track competitors wear traditional ORANGE?


    The sort of questions we should be asking

  11. 'No room for error'

    Women's 500m

    Sarah Lindsay

    Three-time Olympic short track speed skater on BBC TV

    I'm sure Elise Christie will have a good cry and talk things through. There has to be a point where you cut it off and move on.

    There is no room for error. She had a couple of little bumps in the 500m but in the long distances she is really, really strong. There is more time to make up for it if you get a knock but in the 500m it's over in an instant.

  12. Ice Hockey

    USA 4-0 OAR

    It's not quite the miracle on ice but in the only live sport still happening, the US are 4-0 up over the artists formally known as Russia.

    We are into the third period.

  13. Canada take the gold

    Here's how Canada took gold in the mixed doubles curling...

  14. 'An hour-long investigation'

    Ollie Williams

    Commentator on BBC TV

    Short track is probably my favourite Olympic sport, but it could really use officials explaining penalties on-screen the way they do in baseball or the NFL. Half the time, figuring out a penalty in an Olympic final requires an hour-long forensic investigation.

  15. 'Show her strengths'

    Women's 500m

    Chemmy Alcott

    Four-time Olympic alpine ski racer on BBC TV

    Elise Christie is a world champion. There is not much difference. She has to believe it is the same event she has done in the last four years.

    The "Olympics" isn't a bad word. She has to go out there and show her strengths because she can do it.

  16. Get Involved

    #bbcolympics or text us on 81111

    Robbie: This has to be one of the worst Winter Olympics I've watched. Inconsistent judges scoring, inconsistent penalties, contests going ahead in weather conditions that put the athletes at risk. Something about the games this year has lost its magic.

    Peter Thomas: nothing makes you feel lazier than sitting eating lunch as you watch people ski uphill

  17. 'It's not been a great start'

    Team GB chef de mission Mike Hay: "It's a tough sport to watch, we are desperately disappointed and sorry for Elise. She'll bounce back, she's a different athlete to four years ago. This will be tough for her but she will get over it and she has her two favourite events to come.

    "The team will rally round her. A lot of British athletes came down from the mountains to cheer her on, she did great. Coming fourth sucks, let's be honest but she went for gold and I admire her for that. Unfortunately it ended in a crash.

    "It's not been a great start for the team, we wanted an early medal to give the team confidence. We still have talent in the team to come."

    Mike Hay
  18. Would you give up pasta for gold?

    Arianna Fontana on winning gold in the Elise Christie race...

    "I was on a strict diet. I like to eat, I'm Italian, so I like to eat a lot of carbs. I had to cut that off."

  19. 'You can feel my heartbeat - it's crazy'

    Men's 1500m

    Image caption: Where have we seen this before?

    Kjeld Nuis on winning gold:

    "I can't even describe the feeling, it's really weird. I have to calm down just a little. I'm OK, I'm really, really happy. (After my race) I thought OK, this is worth something, but you never know. This is the Olympics."

    On what gold means:

    "It means a lot. I've worked so, so hard and last year I was on the same track, I was world champion twice in one weekend (1000m, 1500m, World Single Distances Championships). Finally, this is something way special. You can feel my heartbeat, it's crazy."

  20. 'It is unbearable to watch'

    Women's 500m

    Sarah Lindsay

    Three-time Olympic short track speed skater on BBC TV

    It is unbearable to watch Elise so upset like that. She has a few days to analyse it with the team and prepare for the next event.

    Elise Christie in tears