Marc Marquez has the talent to become MotoGP champion

By Steve ParrishBBC motorcycling commentator in Valencia
Amazing overtakes set up Marquez win

After 116 races, Casey Stoner's MotoGP career is over after a

The sport will miss him. There is no doubt about that.

But we didn't have to look too far on Sunday to see where the sport's new star is coming from.

Moto2 world champion Marc Marquez started in 33rd place on the grid in Sunday's Moto2 race after he was penalised for an incident in practice on Friday.

He stormed through into 11th by the end of lap one with some amazing riding. And then went on to win.

Watch the clip of that opening lap from the overhead camera at the top of this page. It is extraordinary to see his speed, confidence and aggression.

He made everyone else look like club racers. He has to go on and be a world champion in MotoGP.

A lot of people see him as a bit of a lunatic but he has got Casey Stoner talent. He has got so much raw speed.

and he can be on the podium straight away. Let's not forget he is only 19, and he has already won 26 races from just 78 starts.

He will have some tumbles but he will be fast. Someone just needs to put a slight rev limiter on him as he has built up a reputation for being overly aggressive.

There is no doubt he will mix up the sport one way or another. We get to see him on a MotoGP bike for the first time on Tuesday in the post-season test and I cannot wait.

As for the race itself, it was crazy thanks to the weather conditions.

We do not see riders coming into the pits to change bikes very often. That's the first one of the year and it adds an element of chaos to proceedings.

Tyre choice before the race was always going to be crucial. The few guys who started out on slicks absolutely nailed it, but they had to be brave in the first few laps when it was still quite wet.

Once they had wobbled their way round it dried out quite quickly and everybody else had to come in and change their bikes.

Leader Lorenzo crashes in Valencia

Jorge Lorenzo should have been home and dry but he crashed out.

It goes to show that it only takes a small mistake in bike racing to punt you off into the air. Lorenzo was impatient in passing a backmarker, he will learn from that.

His tyres got off line and onto the damp part of the circuit and it bit him big style. It was a big crash and he was very lucky to walk away from that.

I am always amazed just how good the safety clothing, the boots and the gloves are now. It has moved on immensely in the last five years.

It wasn't at a particularly fast part of the track - it's a second gear corner - but he would still have been up to about 100mph when it kicked him off. That is fast enough.

It was another win for Dani Pedrosa who looks invincible at the moment and he is in danger of going down in history as the best rider never to win the title.

Jorge Lorenzo receives his second MotoGP title

This year was a good chance for him. He has had a bit of bad luck but you have to say that he has been on fire in the second half of the season.

He was won six of the last eight races, and he has crashed out of the other two.

It was a great win for He made a terrific move, he had it planned out and what a great way for him to end the season and move into Moto2.

It's been another season full of thrills and spills. The three guys who won the world titles all deserve them, and before we know it we will be back in action in Qatar for the 2013 season.

See you all there.

Steve was talking to BBC Sport's Tom Rostance.