Swindon's Nicholls disappointed by Grand Prix finish

Scott Nicholls
Nicholls returns to ride for Swindon against Lakeside on Thursday

Swindon Robins rider Scott Nicholls has expressed his disappointment at his five-point finish at the British Speedway Grand Prix on Saturday.

Nicholls, who gained a wildcard entry to the competition after winning the British Championship title, failed to make the cut for the semi-finals.

"I did the best I could but I was a bit unfortunate with the gate draw," he told BBC Wiltshire.

"I enjoyed it but I was frustrated with five points, I wasn't happy with that."

Nicholls made it through to the finals in 2008 but finished with just four points at last year's event.

"As much as I was very disappointed, it's only one meeting and I said I'd come here and do the best I can and whatever happens, happens," he added.

"I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I've been there for every one so I'm happy about that.

"I haven't been home since I was at Jonno's [Steve Johnston] farewell and I'm not home until Wednesday. It's a week on the road living out of a backpack and that's the down side.

"If I'd have had a fantastic night then brilliant but if you've had a rough night then you'd rather be down the pub with my mates.

"As much as I'm happy to be there and I'd rather be on the track, you see your mates off the track having a good time and it's a bit of a double edged sword."

Saturday's event at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff was won by American Greg Hancock.