Plymouth Devils consortium bid hangs in the balance

By Mike TamblinBBC South West Sport
Plymouth Devils

A bid by a four-man consortium to take over Plymouth Devils is in the balance, according to one of its members.

Ex-Trelawney Tigers promoter Godfrey Spargo is worried the deal will not be completed in time for the sport's annual general meeting next month.

"I'm not very confident about the deal going through as it's taking too long," Spargo told BBC South West Sport.

"Everything is in place, we've agreed a price and the British Speedway Promoters' Association are happy."

The sticking point of the deal however is with the lease that current promoter Mike Bowden has with the land owners St Boniface College.

"The lease is non-transferable so the college want to talk with their legal team before we can move forward," Spargo added.

"We had an amicable meeting with them on Monday but only managed to ask a few questions and there are still more to ask."

Plymouth finished bottom of the Premier League this season and any takeover would need to be completed by the BSPA's AGM on 19 November.

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