Isle of Man TT: Dean Harrison sets pace in first Superbike qualifying

Dean Harrison
Harrison has recorded the fastest lap of the week so far in the Superbikes, Superstocks and Supersports

Dean Harrison set the pace in Tuesday's qualifying session for the Isle of Man TT, recording the fastest speeds in the Superbike and Superstock sessions.

The Silicone Engineering Kawasaki rider lapped at 129.53mph in the Superbikes and was just marginally slower at 129.34mph in topping the Superstocks.

The Yorkshireman's Supersport average speed of 126.09mph from Sunday night remains the quickest in that class.

Peter Hickman led the Supersports on Tuesday with 123.92mph on a Triumph.

Manxman Conor Cummins was second fastest in the Superbikes on his Milenco by Padgett's Honda with 128.09mph.

James Hillier was third on his Kawasaki on 128.07mph, followed by Michael Dunlop on the Tyco BMW at 126.93mph.

Australian David Johnson was runner-up in the Superstock bikes with a lap of 126.63mph on his Honda Racing machine.

Hickman endured a difficult evening, being forced to stop twice on the circuit with mechanical problems, before making his way back to the start on both occasions.

Ian Hutchinson crashed at the 11th milestone but was reported to be "OK".

There were a number of other incidents during the session with Jason Corcoran (neck injury) and Emmett Burke (leg injury) taken to hospital after coming off at Glen Helen and the Gooseneck respectively.

The practices on Saturday and Monday were cancelled because of adverse weather conditions but further qualifying sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.

Overall Superbike practice speeds
1. Dean Harrison (Eng)Kawasaki129.53mph
2. Conor Cummins (IoM)Honda128.09
3. James Hillier (Eng)Kawasaki128.07
4. Michael Dunlop (NI)BMW126.93
5. Michael Rutter (Eng)Honda126.48
6. Jamie Coward (Eng)Yamaha126.39
Overall Superstock practice speeds
1. Dean Harrison (Eng)Kawasaki129.34mph
2. David Johnson (Aus)Honda126.63
3. Sam West (Eng)BMW124.89
4. Lee Johnston (NI)BMW124.49
5. Michael Dunlop (NI)BMW124.11
6. Daley Mathison (Eng)BMW124.09
Overall Supersport practice speeds
1. Dean Harrison (Eng)Kawasaki126.09mph
2. Peter Hickman (Eng)Triumph123.92
3. Michael Dunlop (NI)Honda123.90
4. Conor Cummins (IoM)Honda123.71
5. James Hillier (Eng)Kawasaki122.91
6. Gary Johnson (Eng)Triumph122.55
Overall Lightweight practice speeds
1. Jamie Coward (Eng)Kawasaki119.96mph
2. Michael Dunlop (NI)Paton118.52
3. Paul Jordan (NI)Kawasaki117.45
4. Derek McGeeKawasaki116.19
5. Stefano Bonetti (Ita)Paton116.02
6. Gary Johnson (Eng)Kawasaki115.80

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