Netball Superleague: Hertfordshire Mavericks secure play-offs

Yorkshire Jets v Hertfordshire Mavericks

Hertfordshire Mavericks beat Yorkshire Jets 56-45 to secure the fourth and final play-off place in Superleague.

The two-time champions needed a win in their final game on Friday to make sure of a top-four finish, and deny fifth-place Celtic Dragons a late charge.

Herts went in to half-time two points down at 26-24 against the Jets, who finish the season second from bottom, but they recovered to take victory.

Mavericks will now face Surrey Storm in the semi-finals on Monday, 21 April.

Storm, who finished the regular season unbeaten at the top of the standings, claimed a home semi after their round 12 win over Loughborough.

Manchester Thunder host current champions Team Bath in the other play-off game.

Elsewhere in round 14 of Superleague on Saturday, Celtic Dragons beat Bath 56-55 at home, and Loughborough Lightning finished the season without a win after losing 62-40 against Thunder.

Surrey meet Team Northumbria on Monday in the final match of the regular season.


Round One - 30 Jan-03 Feb

Hertfordshire Mavericks 49-45 Celtic Dragons; Team Bath 59-45 Team Northumbria; Loughborough 34-53 Yorkshire Jets; Manchester Thunder 48-55 Surrey Storm

Round Two - 07-08 Feb

Team Bath 41-54 Manchester Thunders; Yorkshire Jets 44-66 Surrey Storm; Team Northumbria 62-52 Celtic Dragons; Loughborough Lightning 28-42 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Round Three - 10 Feb

Hertfordshire Mavericks 38-48 Manchester Thunder; Surrey Storm 48-48 Team Bath; Celtic Dragons 61-41 Loughborough Lightning; Yorkshire Jets 50-52 Team Northumbria

Round Four - 15-17 Feb

Hertfordshire Mavericks 47-48 Team Bath; Loughborough Lightning 41-52 Team Northumbria; Manchester Thunder 60-40 Yorkshire Jets; Celtic Dragons 48-69 Surrey Storm.

Round Five - 21-24 Feb

Yorkshire Jets 40-57 Team Bath; Celtic Dragons 51-54 Manchester Thunders; Surrey Storm 60-40 Loughborough Lightning; Team Northumbria 41-51 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Round Six - 28 Feb-01 March

Team Bath 62-62 Celtic Dragons; Hertfordshire Mavericks 39-50 Yorkshire Jets; Loughborough Lightning 31-61 Manchester Thunder; Team Northumbria 42-62 Surrey Storm

Round Seven - 07-08 March

Yorkshire Jets 67-70 Celtic Dragons; Manchester Thunder 65-35 Team Northumbria; Loughborough Lightning 47-58 Team Bath; Surrey Storm 52-50 Hertfordshire Mavericks

Round Eight - 14-15 March

Yorkshire Jets 68-50 Loughborough Lightning; Celtic Dragons 44-51 Hertfordshire Mavericks; Team Northumbria 50-66 Team Bath; Surrey Storm 46-46 Manchester Thunder

Round Nine - 17-20 March

Manchester Thunder 53-46 Hertfordshire Mavericks; Team Northumbria 46-46 Yorkshire Jets; Team Bath 51-61 Surrey Storm; Loughborough Lightning 48-65 Celtic Dragons

Round Ten - 22-24 March

Hertfordshire Mavericks 71-35 Loughborough Lightning; Celtic Dragons 76-41 Hertfordshire Mavericks; Surrey Storm 63-42 Yorkshire Jets; Manchester Thunder 51-55 Team Bath

Round Eleven - 28-29 March

Team Bath 49-49 Hertfordshire Mavericks; Yorkshire Jets 50-51 Manchester Thunder; Team Northumbria 68-40 Loughborough Lightning; Surrey Storm 63-62 Celtic Dragons

Round Twelve - 03-05 April

Team Bath 59-49 Yorkshire Jets; Loughborough Lightning 40-62 Surrey Storm; Manchester Thunder 63-52 Celtic Dragons; Hertfordshire Mavericks 59-38 Team Northumbria

Round Thirteen - 07 April

Hertfordshire Mavericks 51-53 Surrey Storm; Celtic Dragons 70-52 Yorkshire Jets; Team Northumbria 53-66 Manchester Thunder; Team Bath 63-41 Loughborough Lightning

Round Fourteen - 11-14 April

Yorkshire Jets 56-45 Hertfordshire Mavericks; Celtic Dragons 56-55 Team Bath; Manchester Thunder 62-40 Loughborough Lightning