Netball: Jersey's Team Jets skipper calls for more sponsors

Team Jets v Just Ahead

The captain of Jersey's Team Jets says the island netball team needs more financial support if it is to continue to be successful.

Jets at the weekend to secure their second promotion in the past three seasons.

They became in March.

"We'd like to see increased funding and sponsorship," skipper Lauren Devine told BBC Radio Jersey.

"We're going to be travelling more frequently as we can only play one game each weekend - we can't do double-headers any more because the matches are going to be so much tougher.

"Player contributions towards these trips have been fundamental and players have had to pay for every trip they've been on, on top of Jersey Netball Association funding and funds from our sponsors," added Devine.

"But we're looking to expand on that because the more successful you get, the more money you need to progress.

"One of the disadvantages of living on an island is that we can't compete here regularly, we need to travel and with travel comes expense."

And despite the season not starting again until September, Jersey's squad will be back in training next week as they prepare for a much tougher league.

"We thought we worked hard before, but pre-season is going to be crucial, preparing over the summer and getting fit.

"Normally when you start the season in September you intend to be match fit but you're not really, whereas when we start this September we need to be flying.

"We saw a lot of these teams that we are going to be competing against and they're a lot taller than us as a team as a whole.

"We need to get stronger to be able to compete with that physicality on the court."