Team Jets: New signing Liz Haenga 'improving Jersey side'

Liz Haenga
Liz Haenga has moved to Jersey for work reasons

Team Jets new signing Liz Haenga has helped improve the team, according to head coach Linda Andrews.

The New Zealander, who plays wing defence and goal defence, made her debut for the Jersey-based side in the

"She's a really strong player and the girls have got somebody to get up a level," Andrews told BBC Radio Jersey.

"The whole impetus in training has moved up a stage and we're just trying to find out the best combinations."

Haenga worked under New Zealand national team coach Waimarama Taumaunu while playing club netball in her native country, and Andrews says she has been able to pass that knowledge onto the island's best players.

"Liz has got phenomenal grounding in everything that she needs to know and she's bringing it forward to us which is great for us," Andrews added.

"She's here for the time that she's here and I need to learn as much as I can from her."