Team Jets: Jersey side secure Premier Three play-off place

Team Jets v Norfolk United
Team jets have won each of their last four matches in Premier League Three

Jersey's Team Jets secured a place in the Premier League Three play-offs after beating Norfolk United 48-36.

The island side are guaranteed third place in their first season at national league level and are four points off leaders Ryland with one game to go.

"Norfolk wanted it as much as we did, but we just managed to keep it together and we're off to the play-offs," head coach Linda Andrews told BBC Jersey.

The Premier League Two/Three play-offs are on 9 May in Loughborough.

Teams which finish second and third-from-bottom in the higher league face the second and third-placed sides in Team Jets' division in a play-off for two places in Premier League Two.

"The girls were amazing, the intensity that we practised in the week they applied to the game and it was a brilliant performance," added Andrews, whose side were only promoted to national league level for the fist time last summer.

"We came into this league not really knowing what was going to happen.

"But the girls have just worked so hard, it would be incredible to get to Premier Two in two seasons."