Guernsey Panthers enthusiastic despite missing out on promotion

Guernsey netball
Guernsey's Panthers finished third in South Division Three this season

Guernsey Panthers captain Nena Copperwaite says her team are enthusiastic about their future despite losing in the play-offs for a second successive season.

The island netball side missed out on a place in Division Two South after losing two of their games.

"We've come away from the trip buzzing for next season," she said.

"Everyone's got such a good attitude and we'll just pick ourselves up and we'll go again," she told BBC Guernsey.

Panthers were formed in 2012 to give the best players in Guernsey the chance to play at a a higher level.

And Copperwaite says she is aware of the areas the side must improve on if they are to make a step up in their league:

"When we play well we do some super stuff on court, but it's got to be consistent," she added.

"It's got to be every week, week in, week out, but that will come with experience and it's coming, it's more regular, but it is consistency and exposure to those better teams."

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