Team Jets 'learn lessons' from 50-40 loss to Grangetown

Team Jets
Team Jets have risen from regional netball to the national leagues under the leadership of head coach Linda Andrews

Team Jets head coach Linda Andrews says the Jersey side will learn from their 50-40 loss to Grangetown in Netball's Premier League Two.

The islanders trailed from the first quarter as their six-game unbeaten run came to an end in Middlesbrough.

"It's always a learning curve and we're in this league to learn - today that's what it was about," Andrews told BBC Radio Jersey.

The island side are now fifth in the 10-team league.

"If you don't have a challenge in your play then you're not going to learn," added Andrews.

"We'll take from this, we won the last quarter 10-7 and closed it up to 10 points, so it was a good performance

"We weren't at our best, but sometimes some teams don't allow you to be at your best."