Netball England offer full-time contracts to 10 players

Sasha Corbin
Sasha Corbin suffered a serious knee injury playing for Loughborough Lightning in February and missed the remainder of the season

Loughborough Lightning's Sasha Corbin is among 10 athletes to be offered full-time contracts by England Netball.

Hannah Joseph and Ella Clark are also included among those who will enter a summer training programme.

The list omits players taking part in the ANZ Championship,external-link who may be offered contracts in time for August's international Quad Series.

"Netball is now a genuine career option," said England Netball performance director Sara Symington.

The other athletes given full-time contracts are Rebekah Airey, Summer Artman, Beth Cobden, George Fisher, Leah Kennedy, Natalie Panagarry and Jess Shaw.

England netball will hold talks with Jade Clarke, Geva Mentor, Joanne Harten, and Serena Guthrie, who are among those currently involved in the 2016 ANZ Championship.

The Roses are preparing for the inaugural Quad Series hosted by New Zealand and Australia, which also includes South Africa.

Roses head coach Tracey Neville said: "As a former England player myself, to see how far the sport has come and the potential of further improvement, fills me with great satisfaction and optimism."

The world's top two sides - Australia and New Zealand - already have full-time players.

England who are ranked third in the world, have finished third in the last two tournaments and are aiming to reach the final at the next World Cup in Liverpool in 2019.