Liam Bradley says Ulster opener was 'brutal viewing'

Antrim manager Liam Bradley delivered a scathing assessment on modern football after his team's 1-10 to 0-7 Ulster SFC defeat by Donegal at Ballybofey.

Bradley said that drab Ulster opener must have been "brutal viewing" for the television audience.

"I know if I had to pay into that, I wouldn't do it," Bradley told BBC Sport after his team's defeat.

"I don't think the conditions had anything to do with it. Both teams tried to pack their defence."

The game did nothing to change Bradley's pre-match assessment that Jim McGuinness' Donegal were among the current teams playing "puke football".

"That's the way the modern game is going and the way teams are set up," added the Saffron manager.

"Unless there is some sort of rule change, there is going to be more of the same."

Bradley rubbished suggestions that his team had been largely outplayed by the hosts.

"Defensively, we were very tight and the goal at the end put a gloss on it for Donegal.

"Defensively everything went to plan. The much-vaunted Donegal attack?

"(Colm) McFadden got one from play and was completedly outplayed by Colin Brady.

"(Michael) Murphy was completedly outplayed by Ricky Johnston and Justin Crozier completely outplayed Dermot Molloy.

"The only difference was that they got their frees a wee bit handier.

"It's a pity I didn't have two or three forwards who were able to break tackles. If we had those guys, we would certainly have won."

Donegal boss Jim McGuinness agreed that his side were left with "plenty to work on" as they set up a quarter-final meeting with Cavan next month.

"We wouldn't be happy with a lot of our play," said McGuinness after his first Championship outing as Donegal boss.

"They made it difficult for us but the quality of our ball going inside and decision making wasn't good.

"We made a few changes at half-time and managed to get a bit of a grip on the game but overall it was disappointing."

McGuinness added:"I imagine our wides count was close to 20 so there are a lot of things to work on.

"We took the game to them in the second half and had a wee bit of joy running at them.

"In the first half, we were kicking the ball down the sweeping players' throats and they were building up attacks from that.

"We wanted to get the ball into the lads inside but not to the detriment of forcing it and giving the ball away.

"It was a bit of a disappointment from a Donegal perspective but before this game, we had not won in three years in the Ulster Championship.

"We have got into the next round of the championship and that is the positive that we will take from today."

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