Ryan Farquhar suffers superbike blow for North West 200

Ryan Farquhar
Ryan Farquhar has won 14 races so far this season

Ryan Farquhar will be forced to ride a superstock machine in Saturday's Superbike races at the North West 200.

The Dungannon rider will not get his superbike until Wednesday, too late for Farquhar to get it ready for practice.

"I'll have it on Wednesday - the last practice is early on Thursday and it doesn't give me enough time to get the bike finished.

"Unfortunately this year I'm not going to have the superbike so I'll just have to do with the superstock."

He added: "If the weather forecast is correct then the superstock will be plenty enough.

"But we'll give it our best shot and see how it goes."

Tuesday practice -Roads close from 1700 BST until 2115 BST

Thursday practice - Roads close from 0930 BST until 1500 BST

Saturday 21 May - Race order - Roads close 1000 BST

Superbike race one - 6 laps

Supersport race one - 6 laps

Superstock race - 6 laps

Supersport race two - 6 laps

Superbike race two - 6 laps