Monaghan anger at referee display in Ulster SFC defeat

Monaghan boss Eamon McEneaney strongly hinted at his annoyance but his player Darren Hughes did not hold back as he hit out at the refereeing in Sunday's Ulster SFC defeat by Tyrone.

Hughes described Meath referee Cormac Reilly's display in the game as "poor to say the least".

"I thought he was very inconsistent," said Monaghan's penalty scorer Hughes.

"The referee (for Sunday's game) was changed during the week. I think it was the wrong decision."

Hughes was referring to the Ulster Council's announcement that Meath whistler O'Reilly would replace original choice Joe McQuillan for the Omagh clash.

O'Reilly had been lauded for his officiating at the Armagh-Down clash but it was a very different tale of the whistle after Sunday's clash.

The Meath referee sent off Monaghan captain Dick Clerkin late in the first half with Dessie Mone lined late on and while it was hard to keep up with the tally of yellow cards, it appeared to reach 15 by the end of the contest.

Tyrone could also point to being the victim of several contentious Reilly decisions including the yellow card handed to Martin Penrose for allegedly feigning injury when it was clear that the forward had been struck on the face.

"I didn't see Dick's (Clerkin) incident but as for Dessie Mone's....Kevin Hughes did something similar two minutes before that," added Hughes.

"All we are looking for it a bit of consistency.

"We were having situations when boys were being fouled by three or four men and not getting the free."

Manager McEneaney appeared to be nodding in Reilly's direction when he spoke of "men today who didn't have great games".

"Everybody has to judge their own performance.

"A lot of people need to take a look at what they were doing including our own players.

"Everybody puts so much into the game but people have to look at their performance and holds their hands up if they made mistakes. We certainly do."

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