Donegal manager Jim McGuinness takes swipe at Kildare

Donegal boss Jim McGuinness believes that accusations of cynical fouling helped inspire his team to an All-Ireland quarter-final win over Kildare.

McGuinness claims Kildare contacted national newspapers before the game in relation to the referee and Donegal's alleged cynical fouling.

"We're very, very disappointed and we are happy the referee (David Goldrick) did not take the bait."

"It was motivation for us and I'm so proud of the players."

McGuinness revealed that he declined to comment when he was contacted by newspapers on Friday to respond to what the Kildare camp had reportedly said.

He criticised Lillywhites manager Kieran McGeeney and Kildare players after the thrilling 1-12 to 0-14 extra-time victory at Croke Park.

"Kieran McGeeney was a phenomenal player and he never cried or whinged - we were not impressed by what we read," added McGuinness.

"If anyone watched the Kildare players in extra-time, there was a lot of cynical fouling.

"You should do your job on the coaching field - you should not try to beat teams through the media.

"We do not coach cynical fouling. We coach hard work and turning the ball over, we make no apologies for that.

"Donegal have been lambasted the last two years, that they didn't have the heart to turn the ball over, and now we are criticised for it.

"The players have come through the pain of losing big games, now we are winning games and hopefully it will continue into the semi-finals."