National Football League results

Sunday's Allianz Football League results

Division 1

Laois 0-10 2-11 Down

Kerry 1-12 1-12 Mayo

Cork 1-12 0-12 Dublin

Donegal 0-13 0-10 Armagh

Ups and downs: Down to face Cork in Division 1 semi-finals with Kerry taking on Mayo in other semi-final. Laois and Armagh relegated with Donegal saving themselves by beating Paddy O'Rourke's side at Ballybofey.

Division 2

Tyrone 1-16 1-06 Monaghan

Westmeath 1-15 0-10 Derry

Meath 1-8 2-14 Louth

Galway 0-18 2-12 Kildare

Ups and downs: Kildare join Tyrone in earning promotion after John Doyle's last-gasp penalty earns a draw against Galway. Monaghan relegated after heavy defeat at Omagh with Meath also suffering the drop after losing at home against Louth with Derry remaining in Division 2 despite second-half collapse against Westmeath.

Division 3

Cavan 0-12 4-06 Antrim

Longford 2-12 1-13 Wexford

Tipperary 0-11 0-8 Offaly

Sligo 1-12 0-12 Roscommon

Ups and downs: Longford and Wexford promoted while Cavan survive despite defeat by Antrim after Offaly lose in Thurles.

Division 4

Carlow 0-08 1-16 Fermanagh

Leitrim 0-15 1-8 Waterford

London 0-12 1-16 Wicklow

Clare 2-29 1-4 Kilkenny

Promotion news: Fermanagh guarantee promotion to Division 3 after win in Carlow with a game to spare with Clare also moving up after win over Kilkenny.

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