Christian Iddon considers making Ulster Grand Prix debut

Christian Iddon
Christian Iddon has competed for the Tyco BMW team at the Sunflower Trophy meeting

British Superbike rider Christian Iddon says he is keen to make his debut at the Ulster Grand Prix in August.

The 32-year-old is a leading contender on the British short circuits and is in his second year with the Tyco BMW team.

"I'm really keen to do a comprehensive roads campaign and of all the circuits to start with I think the Ulster would be the best for me," explained Iddon.

"It's a mass start on an incredible circuit and doesn't need the same level of homework as somewhere like the TT."

The former 10-times British Supermoto champion, whose father Paul raced on road circuits, admits he has "been contemplating road racing for quite a while now and every year it gets stronger and stronger".

"It just interests me. The buzz you get from a circuit is immense so I can only imagine what it's like to race on the roads.

"Of course though, I want to win a title at BSB so I have to consider whether doing other races like the Ulster is going to detract from that."

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BSB regular Christian Iddon would like to compete in road racing

Tyco BMW team boast UGP pedigree

Should he make the jump to the roads, Iddon could have the backing of one of the most successful teams in the sport, as Philip and Hector Neill's Tyco TAS squad have enjoyed years of success at Dundrod with the likes of the currently injured Ian Hutchinson, Guy Martin and Bruce Anstey.

"With Tyco I would be in seriously good hands. Their pedigree on the roads is arguably even better than on short circuits so who better to go racing with.

"We'll have to wait and see though. I think if it was down to Hector it would be it would be a yes immediately and I'd be at the Ulster Grand Prix.

"Philip is keener for me to focus on the short circuits, as 'Hutchy' is their man for the roads. I can see the logic but who knows if I can twist an arm or two."

Ulster Grand Prix Clerk of the Course Noel Johnston commented: "My instincts are that he would be a very, very quick on the roads if he gets the chance, so hopefully we can make it happen.

"With backing from the Tyco boys, there's no reason why he couldn't be one of our fastest ever newcomers, and he'd be a great character to have the paddock as well."

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