North West 200: Honda rider Todd 'on way back to full fitness' after breaking collarbone

Glenn Irwin and Davey Todd will form the Honda Racing team at the 2020 North West 200

Honda Racing rider Davey Todd says he is on his way back to full fitness after breaking a collarbone while winter training in California.

The Yorkshire rider had surgery after the spill but hopes to be back in action for pre-season testing soon.

"We're making really good progress with it already. I've had great help from the team and it's great to be part of a factory outfit like Honda," said Todd.

Todd will join Glenn Irwin in the Honda team for the North West 200 and IOM TT.

The pair will have a new version of the Honda Fireblade at their disposal for the big roads events, with Irwin also competing in the British Superbike series and Todd in British Superstock 1000cc.

Todd took his first international road racing success by winning the second Supersport event in wet conditions on a Padgett's Honda at the North West 200 last year.

"To get my first international win was special for me and I can't wait to get back to the North West. It holds a special place in my heart now for that reason," he said.

"Hopefully I can come back and repeat that result in better conditions this year. The machinery will be good so it will be up to me.

"It is the first big roads event of the year and getting out on that big straight at 200mph is something to behold."

Sharing knowledge

The 24-year-old Saltburn rider reveals that he and Irwin have already been discussing how they can share the knowledge they have built up to their mutual benefit this season.

"With Glenn having had so much success at the North West and me still relatively new to the TT but making good progress we can really work together and help each other in those two races especially.

"With me passing on a bit of experience for the TT and helping each other when we come to the North West I think it will make us both a lot stronger.

"The TT takes a lot of learning because of the length of the circuit but so does the North West in terms of racecraft.

"I'm happy to be back on the circuits too - that's where I want to be - and to have the opportunity to be doing both and have the backing of such a great team week in, week out, on the circuits and the roads, I can't ask for any more."

Davey Todd
Todd was the winner of the Saturday Supersport race at last year's North West 200

'My winter break hasn't been much of a break'

Irwin, who has won the last four Superbike races at the North West, will make his debut at the TT this year.

"My winter break hasn't been much of a break as I'm having to put in a lot of homework on the Isle of Man, which has taken away that boredom during the winter," outlined the Carrickfergus rider.

"It requires a lot of effort but it's a great event, the most iconic road race in the world for its own reasons, with the North West the best road race in the world for its own reasons.

"To represent Honda in both is great although I will have different expectations at both as there will be no targets from the team at the TT, even though one day you want to go there and achieve something."

Glenn Irwin
Irwin won the North West 200 Superbike race in 2019

'Every time I win one I pinch myself'

"When I go to the North West I won't pretend I won't be there to win and I love having the opportunity to get up close and personal with the fans.

"Last year's win was in the rain and I probably never fancied myself to win in the rain so that was one ticked off and it felt every bit as special as the other wins.

"I have so many happy memories growing up at the North West watching my dad and Joey Dunlop and all the greats of that era.

"Now that I am that person, every time I win one I have to pinch myself."

"When I heard that the road racing and BSB teams would be merging that kind of sold it to me.

"I can work with them in BSB and have that continuity when I go road racing. It's a nice environment to be in and hopefully one I will thrive in."

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