British 1500m runner Hannah England impressed by 2012 Olympic track

British 1500m runner Hannah England has predicted world records will be broken at London 2012 after testing out the new track at the Olympic Stadium.

Oxfordshire's England, who won silver at last month's World Athletics Championships, also said she hoped to go one better at next year's Olympics.

"I think this is going to be a fast track," England told BBC Sport.

"This is the type of track you see world records broken on and hopefully we'll get some of those next year."

England's performance in Daegu last month was one of the highlights of the competition from a British perspective and the 24-year-old said she is confident she can improve further over her crucial winter training period.

"Why not [win gold], someone's got to win it and this year has been a great learning experience," said England.

"I'm so chuffed with how it has gone and if I can build on that next year then that would be great."

She added: "I think the track is amazing and you don't get any better than these facilities and I think the British crowd are going to be amazing also, so hopefully we can put on a really good show."

The track at the Olympic Stadium is made of synthetic rubber and has been designed to help athletes run fast times. Five world records were set on a similar surface in Beijing.

Long jumper Chris Tomlinson and Paralympic discus thrower Dan Greaves were among the other athletes to test out the track and facilities.

They were joined on the new surface by local school children, who will benefit from the stadium's legacy plan to be a venue for sport, athletics, community and cultural events.

"It is quite a sophisticated surface," added England.

"These are the tracks that you see world records created on by people like Usain Bolt.

"This is like a culmination of all the little tricks to make a track fast and they have brought them all here.

England added: "This feels like the calm before the storm - the track is amazing and there are a few people here today. I can only think that once it is full it is going to be one of the best events that has ever been put on."

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