2012 Olympic Games - big screen presentation

Olympic Stadium
The opening ceremony of the 2012 Games takes place on 27 July

From the Fifa World Cup "fan sites" to "Henman Hill" at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships - audiences love the chance to come together to enjoy national sporting moments on big screens.

The BBC is working in partnership with Locog, the organisers of the London Games, and a range of partners to create a network of official London 2012 Live Sites across the UK.

Details of the big screen locations can be found here.

As well as the network of official London 2012 Live Sites, there will be a wide range of organisations planning big screen presentation of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The following guidance is provided for those planning the display of BBC transmission of London 2012 Olympic Games:

Providing the public with access to television(s), in the United Kingdom, displaying live the BBC transmissions of programmes incorporating events from the 2012 Olympic Games (the "Programmes").

The following are the conditions under which the BBC itself will not object to the public performance (as described above) of the Programmes, (please note the International Olympic Committee may issue its own guidelines for the public performances):

1. Any access to the BBC transmissions must be off-air.

2. It is event organiser's responsibility to have obtained all the necessary consents to enable the public performance of an off-air broadcast, such as the statutory Television Licence.

3. The BBC transmissions of the Programmes must be received and shown simultaneously with their transmission by the BBC, in their entirety, without any cuts, alterations, modifications, interruptions or superimpositions. In particular, all credits, or messages must be broadcast in full off-air. There can be no inclusion of any other commercial messages into or over the broadcast.

4. No payment or charge, either direct or indirect, may be made to the general public for the privilege of viewing the performance of the Programmes.

5. The presentation of the public performance described above must not pass off the event organiser company itself or the provision of the public performance or any associated element of the public performance as endorsed or associated with the BBC.


Locog have released the competition schedule for the London 2012 Olympic Games which is available online hereexternal-link.

Details of BBC's coverage of London 2012 can be found here .