London 2012: Pete Waterfield vows to overcome injuries

Southampton diver Pete Waterfield says he will not let "niggly" injuries get in the way of him competing at this summer's 2012 London Olympics.

On Monday, 31-year-old Waterfield was selected in the British team for what will be his fourth Olympics.

And he says it would have taken something extremely serious to prevent him from taking his place in London.

"I'd have to have my arm hanging off for me not to do it (compete)," Waterfield told BBC Sport.

Waterfield partners Tom Daley in the 10m synchronised - and will also compete in the 10m individual - and the 2004 Athens Olympic silver medallist says he is hopeful of overcoming the injuries that have plagued his preparation for London.

"I've just come off the back of a neck injury which I've needed an injection on," said Waterfield.

"And I've just had an injection on my shoulder. Hopefully once these niggly injuries are out of the way I'll get a good block of training in and I can get my consistency back.

"The injuries aren't stopping me from diving, they are just there and when it's in the back of your mind it's hard to concentrate.

"We hit the water at a very fast rate and that's why I've had a neck and shoulder injury because those are the parts that take the impact. But I'm still feeling good, I'm fit and looking forward to it now."

And Waterfield is desperate to repeat his achievements of 2004, especially in front of a home crowd.

"Winning an Olympic medal in 2004 was the pinnacle of my career and I've wanted to do it again even since," he said.

"Unfortunately in Beijing I got injured so I missed out there. But since then I've been getting the best results of my life so I'm still right up there."

Waterfield added that despite performing in pain he still enjoys diving, but hinted he could retire from the sport soon.

"Even though I'm in pain doing it sometimes, I still love it and when my body does eventually give up on me then I will give up," he said.

"But I'm still able to dive as they're just niggly injuries. It's a dream come true to do another Olympics and especially a home one."