London 2012: Van Commenee - no apology to Phillips Idowu

UK Athletics head coach Charles van Commenee says he will not apologise to triple jumper Phillips Idowu.

Van Commenee also said he does not know if Idowu will be fit for London 2012.

"An apology has to mean something - I am not going to apologise when I don't mean it," he told BBC Sport.

Van Commenee said that he communicated with Idowu via his coach Aston Moore.

The 2009 world champion, 33, has not competed since June and officials are trying confirm whether he is fit for the Games. The British Olympic Association requested to see Idowu's medical records on Tuesday.

The Beijing silver medallist has not attended a Team GB training camp in Portugal and Van Commenee admitted there has been a breakdown in trust between the pair.

"He's not here - I wish he was here, because I think it is the best place to prepare," he said. "His coach is here, the best medical staff are here and all the athletes are here, so I'm slightly frustrated with that.

"I have always been clear that communication is always open at this end but Philips wants a public apology from me before he wants to speak to me and that is not going to happen.

"I won't apologise for the sake of apologising.

"At the same time I feel sympathy as well because he is not in the greatest place two weeks before the most important moment in his athletic life and you would never wish that to any athlete, certainly not an athlete preparing for a home Games in his home town."

Van Commenee said he had one sanction open to him, but he did not want to invoke that.

"I could withdraw his entry to the Games, obviously I'm not going to do that because I don't want to take that away from him nor from the crowd," he said.

"If things work out for him it could still be a great moment for the Olympics and for Phillips himself."

its request to see Idowu's medical records, angering the triple jumper. On Thursday morning BOA chief Andy Hunt said that they were still waiting to receive the documents from Idowu's team.

"Once we receive the records we will talk about next steps. We really want Phillips to be here and we want to see if we can help him. It would be fantastic to give him every support to be successful," he said.

Following the request to see Idowu's medical records, the athlete's agent Jonathan Marks said the Londoner was deeply unhappy with the BOA's actions.

"He's incredibly disappointed and surprised as to why the BOA has chosen to do this," said Marks.

And Van Commenee said: "I have no details about his physical state but there is very little I can do about it."

He agreed Team GB's athletics squad could still reach its eight medal target without Idowu, adding: "We have about 15 athletes in what I call the medal zone. Phillips is one of them, but we're not dependent on one athlete.

"Statistically you don't get 15 athletes healthy and fit and in top shape at the same time, on the start line. I always knew there would be one or two. But there is still time to go - maybe he's in great shape - nobody knows."

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