Jessica Ennis 'will not run' in Olympics 100m hurdles

Watch the moment Ennis secures a memorable heptathlon gold

Jessica Ennis says she will not run in the 100m hurdles following her Olympic triumph in the heptathlon.

The 26-year-old from Sheffield considered competing in the event, which starts on Monday, after running a personal best time of 12.54 seconds in the first discipline of the heptathlon.

"I did think about it, especially when I she said.

"But for me it was just about the heptathlon. I'm more than happy with that and I just need to rest now."

Ennis, who missed out on competing in the Beijing Olympics because of injury, clocked a time in the first event of the heptathlon that would have won gold at the 2008 Games. It was also a world best in the multi-event discipline.

But the Sheffield athlete told BBC Breakfast she wanted to rest and revel in becoming Olympic champion for the first time.

"Right now it is just to enjoy this moment for as long as I can," she said. "I want to spend some time with my family and then just have a bit of a break. It has been such a long build-up and stressful. I am looking forward to relaxing."

Ennis's gold came on a sparkling Saturday night for British athletics in the space of an hour at the Olympic Stadium.

Following her victory, Greg Rutherford won a surprise gold in the men's long jump before Mo Farah stormed to victory in the men's 10,000m.

Having been billed as the 'face' of the Games, Ennis said she was relieved to have won in a home Olympics and said she kept the medal by the side of her bed overnight.

Ennis won't run in hurdles

"I slept for about two hours," she told BBC Radio 5 live. "I just kept looking at my medal and thinking about what I've achieved. I don't think it's sunk in yet. I looked at it as soon as I woke up and I'll look at it every day.

"There has been lots and lots of pressure and everyone just expected me to win. It's been quite hard to deal with that but I've had great people around me.

"I just wanted to get focused and use the positivity from everyone around the country and use that to get this gold medal."

On her plans for the immediate future, she said: "I'm definitely going to relax, eat lots of rubbish food, have a few glasses of wine and enjoy this moment for as long as possible."