Palaympics 2012: Enhamed Enhamed's golden touch

Blind swimmer Enhamed Enhamed has been hailed as the Michael Phelps of the Paralympic Games.

The Spaniard, who lost his sight after suffering a retinal detachment, won four golds at the 2008 Games in Beijing and is set to defend those titles in London.

Here, the 24-year-old Paralympian tells BBC Mundo's Rosario Gabino about losing his sight as a youngster and how his blindness helped him become a world-class athlete.

Enhamed: "I was born in Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain in 1987 and I 'won my blindness' when I was eight. That's when I learnt how to swim.

I always say that I 'won my blindness' because in this life we lose so many things.

Since I became blind - since I won my blindness - my life has changed drastically.

This blindness has given me so much. I've learnt so much that I prefer to say I've won it.

I consider myself to be a very fortunate person. I wouldn't be competing at London 2012 if I wasn't blind.

I remember many images. I remember rainy days. And cloudy days, in particular. The day I won my blindness it was cloudy.

And colours, many colours.

When I was eight, I was told I couldn't jump, or run, or play, because a sudden movement meant I could go blind.

But when you're a child, you don't care.

One day I was running around the house and my mother said: 'Stay still, or you know what is going to happen.'

So I lay down.

When I raised my head five seconds later, I went from seeing to not seeing anything at all.

Water means freedom to me.

That's where I move with ease, where I become myself, where I can go as fast as I want without hearing the words: 'Be careful, you're going to crash.' They actually tell me: 'Come on, you can go faster.'

My favourite style is butterfly. There is a brief moment when you throw your arms in front of you that you are almost above the water.

It feels like flying.

Words such as 'effort' or 'self-improvement' have become meaningless. For me, what is clear is that today we have to do a little bit more, go a little bit further than we did yesterday.

You have to advance and to move in order to enjoy the life you have because soon this day will be gone."

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