Rio Olympics 2016: Xiang Yanmei wins gold for China in women's -69kg weightlifting

Xiang Yanmei
Xiang Yanmei lifted a combined weight of 261kg for Rio gold

Xiang Yanmei secured China's ninth gold of the Rio Games as she lifted a combined 261kg to win the women's -69kg weightlifting title.

Yamei overcame a bump to the back of the neck to lift 116kg in the snatch and 145kg in the clean and jerk.

Zhazira Zhapparkul won silver for Khazakstan after lifting a combined weight of 259kg, while Egypt's Sarah Ahmed took bronze.

Great Britain's Rebekah Tiler finished in 10th place.

"It was just an amazing experience, just getting on that platform with everyone screaming your name," said Tiler, who is competing in her first Olympics.

"I'm going to get in the pool, meet a lot of other athletes and get a load of selfies. I want to get one with Usain Bolt - I've been trying for ages!"

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