Rower Tom James braced for London 2012 'mania'

Rower Tom James believes the 2012 Olympic Games in London will be an "overwhelming" experience.

The Welshman won at Beijing in 2008 and has returned to action following a two-and-a-half year absence.

James was part of the men's coxless four with Alex Gregory, Ric Egington, Matt Langridge who won gold at the Lucerne World Cup event.

"It's pretty daunting. It's not very often people get to compete in their home Olympics," said James.

The 27-year old admits British athletes will be under more scrutiny than ever as they prepare for their home games.

"It's still 13 months away and I think now we are just starting to see the mania that's going to be circling us around the Olympics," he added.

"I think that's something which you can't really prepare for. You've just got to take it as it comes and try and enjoy it. It's going to be overwhelming regardless.

"For us we just want to stay in our own bubble, do our own thing and enjoy it.

"It's going to be two weeks which will be absolutely amazing. I'm positive it's going to be one of the best Olympics."

Success for the James and the men's fours was one of four gold medals for Great Britain at the Lucerne World Cup event.

James and his team-mates led from start to finish to secure victory and attention will now turn to the World Rowing Championship in Slovenia in August.

"We won with a good clear margin and you've always got to be happy with that," said James.

"The worlds in a couple of months and the Olympics next year are certainly going to be a lot of pressure. We've got to prepare [and] plan for that.

"For us going forward there's going to be certain things we can look at and aim to go quicker.

"But I think the biggest thing from us is consistency. We know we're a quick crew and for us we want to be repeating that regardless of who we're racing."

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