Rower Anna Watkins could switch to single scull in Rio

Grainger and Watkins win gold for GB

Olympic double scull champion Anna Watkins is tempted by the prospect of becoming Britain's first female single scull gold medallist in Rio.

Watkins, 29, won gold with Katherine Grainger at London 2012, and both women are undecided over whether to carry on.

Great Britain have never won a medal in the women's single scull, which became an Olympic event in 1976.

"It is a temptation," Watkins, who also won Olympic double scull bronze in Beijing, told BBC London.

"The decision will be taken in conjunction with Katherine and whatever she decides to do, but that is now the missing thing in British rowing history.

"If I decide that my ambitions lie still in rowing, that would be a huge draw."

Watkins, from Leek in Staffordshire, will spend January travelling in South America with her husband while she continues to consider whether she will return to rowing.

"I've thought about Rio a lot," she said. "I have achieved the goal that I set out to do now, and there's a wide world out there with lots of opportunities and different pressure and different excitement.

"I'm not complaining at all. I'm spoilt for choice and Rio is just one of the choices."

Watkins added: "Nothing will beat 2012. There's no point going forwards in life trying to do something that will have more impact than competing in your home Olympics and coming out on top.

"We need to move forwards and just appreciate that we did have it, that one special summer."