Women's Boat Race: Oxford beat Cambridge by four lengths

Oxford University Women's Boat Club

Oxford beat Cambridge for the sixth time in seven years to win the final Women's Boat Race at Henley-on-Thames.

The Dark Blues won the race, held over 2,000m on a straight course, by four lengths in five minutes and 50 seconds.

From 2015, the event will be staged on the same day and course, along the River Thames, as the men's competition, which this year takes place on 6 April.

The Women's Boat Race was first staged in 1927 and has been held at Henley-on-Thames since 1977.

However, women's rowing received a huge boost at London 2012 when three crews - Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins, and Sophie Hosking and Katherine Copeland - all won gold.

And a cash injection from a new sponsorship deal for the Women's Boat Race meant rowers from both universities would no longer have to raise money themselves to pay for kit and training camps.

It also meant the two crews could have a proper set-up with full-time coaches. Following discussions between the universities, it was then agreed to hold both races on the same day.


OXFORD: Elizabeth Fenje (bow seat), Alice Carrington-Windo (two seat), Maxie Scheske (three seat), Lauren Kedar (four seat), Nadine Graedel Iberg (five seat), Laura Savarese (six seat), Anastasia Chitty (seven seat), Amber de Vere (stroke seat) Erin Wysocki-Jones (cox)

CAMBRIDGE: Caroline Reid (bow seat), Kate Ashley (two seat), Holly Game (three seat), Isabella Vyvyan (four seat), Catherine Foot (five seat), Melissa Wilson (six seat), Claire Watkins (seven seat), Emily Day (stroke seat), Esther Momcilovic (cox)