Wakefield Wildcats earned Super League licence - Glover

Andrew Glover
Glover completed a takeover of Wakefield in February

Wakefield secured their new Super League licence "on merit", owner Andrew Glover insists.

Trinity were expected to be dropped from the competition for the 2012-14 seasons but held on to their place as Crusaders withdrew their application.

But Glover said that had nothing to do with the decision to keep the Wildcats in Super League.

In a letter to fans he said: "We have been informed that we won this licence on our own merit."

Glover said that had been confirmed by Rugby Football League compliance manager Blake Solly.

He added: "It's a shame that the gloss was taken off our award by the mention of Crusaders removing their application.

"That being said, we here all know the truth, that it's our efforts, commitment and hard work that has got this licence."

Wakefield's place in Super League was thought to be under threat following a spell in administration and the club's failure to make significant improvements to their stadium.

But they were granted a 'C-grade' licence to extend their 13-year tenure in the division.

RFL chairman Richard Lewis said: "Any team that has a grade C licence has room to improve and I suspect the grade B clubs would think that as well.

"It would be wrong to single out any one club.

"The fact is Crusaders withdrew their licence application and it left - with Widnes already in the competition - 13 licences to award."

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