Extra game has helped Wigan - Michael Maguire

Michael Maguire
Maguire guided Wigan to success in last year's Grand Final at Old Trafford

Wigan coach Michael Maguire believes not having a week off in this year's play-offs may have benefited his side.

After losing to St Helens, the Warriors were forced into Sunday's qualifier against Catalans, which they won 44-0.

"I know we missed out on the week off, but I think having the actual game has helped us in a great way.

"Similar to what we saw last year, it helped us and maybe that's what this group really thrives on - the do or die footie," he told BBC Radio Manchester.

Playing without a week-long break is the same path the reigning Super League champions took to Old Trafford last year when they recovered from defeat to Leeds, by then going on to beat them at Headingley before seeing off Saints 22-10 in the final.

Asked about whether the focus remains to reach another Grand Final, South Sydney-bound Maguire said: "Without a doubt. That's a goal for everyone and every player.

"It's something we spoke about a long time ago and now we've given ourselves the best chance.

"We've shown throughout the year we rise to occasions and we're looking now to try and rise to the next occasion.

"We actually got a lot of out the game last week as there were areas we didn't play like we were capable of.

"It's great to be a part of this team, they're a special group as I've said many times."

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