York City Knights: Ramsden wants positive attitude

York City Knights assistant coach Mick Ramsden is urging his players to stay positive despite only one win so far in the Championship.

Their latest defeat was a 46-24 loss at Keighley on Sunday.

Ramsden told BBC Radio York: "We've got contracts that they want to play for and the other big thing is Chris Thorman's last few games with us.

"We want him to go out on a high because it could be his last four or five games playing rugby league."

Ramsden continued: "We'd hope the players want to play for the club and finish on a strong note and sit out the winter and think about the last few games.

"The performance at Keighley was below par and that's disappointing.

"But the players have got things to play for. There are positive things to make them want to play well."

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