Wigan Warriors: Use of video refs gone too far - Smith

Refs too reliant on TMO - Smith

Wigan Warriors scrum-half Matty Smith says there is an overzealous use of video referees in Super League.

Eight tries in Wigan's win against Salford last week were refereed to the TV match official by ref Phil Bentham, with the obstruction rule a major focus of attention.

"It's all gone a bit too far. They went to the video ref every single time," Smith told BBC's Super League Show.

"It's slowing the game up, they should make decisions on the field."

The England international continued: "If he goes to the screen for the first one, then he has to do it for every single try.

"There is probably a case for few of them where they have taken people out, but I think we are talking inches on a couple of them."

Salford's Francis Meli and the Warriors duo of Ryan Hampshire and Dan Sarginson were denied the opening points of the match, with the video referee ruling obstruction on each occasion.

John Bateman's effort before half-time was also scrutinised before being given, as were all four successful tries after the break.

Huddersfield Giants scrum-half Luke Robinson said the inconsistent use of video referees is another major issue, with the use of the technology only available for televised fixtures.

"Games are adjudicated totally different on a Thursday and Friday then they are on Sunday," said Robinson.

"If we are having to use them [video referees] that many times, how can we then go without one on a Sunday?

"It needs to be that a video referee is at every game or they are at none.

"I'm all for using technology and making the right decision."