Ian Watson: Salford Red Devils squad have had turbulent time behind scenes

Salford Red Devils
Ninth-placed Salford would sit sixth in Super League without their points deduction

Salford's squad have had to deal with a number of difficult issues off the pitch in recent weeks, says Red Devils head coach Ian Watson.

A six-point deduction in Super League for breaching the salary cap was rejected after the club appealed.

The outcome caused owner Marwan Koukash to question his future at the club, but Watson has revealed more problems.

"There was more going on behind the scenes than what people know," the 39-year-old told BBC Radio Manchester.

"We had a couple of deaths within the players group so it became pretty emotional time.

"We've also had about four new babies in the last month as well and players not fully sleeping - I know it's life and you have to overcome these things, the good thing about this group is they've stuck to their task."

Despite their win at Widnes last Sunday, ninth-placed Salford will play in The Qualifiers during the Super 8s.

"We're inconsistent as a group," Watson added. "What we're trying to do is develop this team and culture and you don't do that in one season,"

"We've got to take baby steps and we feel we've done that this year as a group."

Appeal decision

Marwan Koukash
Salford owner Marwan Koukash was critical at the punishment his side recieved

Sports Resolutions have released their full conclusionsexternal-link as to why Salford's appeal against their six-point deduction was thrown out.

The nine-page document reveals that the Rugby Football League wanted the punishment increased to eight points and for the deduction to continue into the Super 8s.

However this, along with new Salford evidence, was rejected and the outcome of the points deduction and £5,000 fine deemed fair.

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