York City Knights: Rugby league club may finish season despite closure

York City Knights
York City Knights left Huntingdon Stadium in 2014 to make way for the construction of a new ground

York City Knights may play their remaining fixtures this season despite announcing their closure on Thursday.

The League One club's game against Doncaster on Sunday has been postponed by the Rugby Football League.

A joint statement from the RFL, York Council and York City FC said they "firmly believe there is a future for professional rugby league in York".

Knights head coach James Ford has also revealed that there are people considering a takeover of the club.

"I'm probably a little bit out of my remit, but I know there are potentially one or two people interested," he told BBC Radio York.

"I think primarily we need to stabilise this year, get through our fixtures and make a real crack at these Super 8s."

Meanwhile, York Council has said plans for a new community stadium will not change despite the Knights' uncertain future.

Knights were set to share the stadium with York City, whose Bootham Crescent ground is currently used by both teams, when it opens in the spring of 2018.

The joint statement said: "We continue to work to resolve this situation and are hopeful that ways can be found for James Ford and his players to be able to fulfil the remainder of their fixtures.

"Whatever the Knights' future, there is a future for the Community Stadium and community facilities in York, which are all progressing well."

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