York City Knights: League One club could be sold 'in next few days'

York City Knights
York are fourth in League One, with the top five teams entering the promotion play-offs

York City Knights owner John Guildford says he has agreed to sell the club to local businessman Gary Dickenson.

Knights announced their closure on 21 July because of financial difficulties, but Guildford said Dickenson will take over a "virtually debt-free" club.

Dickenson has since denied that a deal to take ownership is imminent.

"The deal now just needs the legal formalities completing and RFL approval, which should be completed in the next few days," Guildford said.external-link

"York City Knights will be passed over virtually debt-free with the funding I have provided in the form of director's loans on the balance sheet not required to be repaid.

"That is my gift to professional rugby league in York to give somebody else the chance to take the club forward with the best possible start."

Dickenson has previously been part of the York City Knights board of directors, but stepped down as a result of disputes between other board members.

"The intentions are there and the will's there, and a lot of people are trying to back this and push it through, but there's a lot of diligence to be done," he told BBC Radio York.

"The word 'virtually' is a very relative word. Is 'virtually' £5,000 of debt, or £150,000 of debt?"

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