Michael Carter: Wakefield Trinity chairman calls franchise talk 'nonsensical'

Belle Vue
Wakefield have played at Belle Vue since the club was formed in 1895

Wakefield Trinity chairman Michael Carter has called speculation they are going to sell their Super League franchise "nonsensical".

Reports in the Yorkshire Post suggested Trinity were considering selling their place in the top flight.

"It was raised and discussed in a meeting with all the Super League clubs in February for about 15 minutes," Carter told BBC Radio Leeds.

"There is absolutely nothing to consider from my point of view."

He added: "If someone said they had £2m for the franchise and here's where we're going to head and this is what it entails, then you sit down and you consider it in a rational manner."

Super League general manager Mark Foster said earlier this month that they would be willing to listen to clubs interested in moving for the good of the sport.

At present, Wakefield do not have a home venue for next season.

Their Belle Vue ground does not meet minimum ground requirements for hosting Super League matches.

Championship side Featherstone Rovers had offered to share their Post Office Road home next season but Carter has said that will not happen.

"I'd like people to stop worrying about the ground and concentrate on enjoying the rugby league. I'll worry about the ground," he said.

"We're still trying to get the people of Wakefield the community stadium they were promised five years ago.

"We won't be going to Featherstone and unless something monumental happens to Belle Vue that's not an option either. The options we are pursuing are outside of those grounds."

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