Titterrell keen on coaching future at Leeds Carnegie

Andy Titterrell
Titterrell is in his third season at Leeds

Captain Andy Titterrell wants to remain at Leeds Carnegie as a coach once he retires from playing.

The former England hooker has just become the club's academy conditioning coach and hopes for a future career in that department.

"After playing I definitely want to go down the avenue of conditioning coaching," the 30-year-old told BBC Radio Leeds.

"Hopefully that will be at Leeds. I'm really enjoying the coaching side."

Since Titterrell moved from Gloucester to Leeds in November 2009 he has set up his own strength and conditioning business in Manchester, where he spent six years playing for Sale.

However his main focus has become his coaching career at Headingley.

"Having taken on this new role, a lot of my time is spent over here [Leeds] now," he explained.

"When I'm not training with the first team I'm with the academy, I'm writing programmes for them and taking training sessions.

"So my business has taken a little bit of a back seat, because I have just not got the time to get back over to Manchester and see some of my private clients.

"I've decided I want to take my career in that direction and be a rugby conditioning coach in the future."

Titterrell will be forced to focus on coaching rather than playing for the next eight weeks after sustaining a foot injury in Leeds Championship win over London Scottish.

"It hurt a lot and I feared I had broken my leg at the time. After being out for 10 months [with knee ligament damage] the last thing I wanted was another serious injury.

"It is a fracture of the a metatarsal [foot bone]. So it means a few weeks in a protective boot and a few weeks out."