Plymouth Albion boss Nat Saumi ready for relegation fight

Plymouth Albion
Plymouth Albion have taken just four bonus points all season

Plymouth Albion head coach Nat Saumi has conceded that his side will be competing in the Championship's relegation play-offs this season.

Should Albion fail to win at Moseley on Saturday and Doncaster beat bottom side Esher, they will be consigned to the bottom four.

This is despite an impressive on Saturday.

"We know where we are now but the only thing we've got to do is stay positive," Saumi told BBC Radio Devon.

"We've got to keep doing what we are doing now.

"We'll try our best to win as many games as possible so we can have as many points as possible going into the play-offs."

The Championship's bottom four sides play one another home and away in the relegation play-off.

Each side gets a point for every win they had in the regular season, with Albion's six wins being the highest total of any of the sides currently in the bottom four.

The bottom side at the end of the six-match play-off will be relegated to National One.

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