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By Ben Dirs

1730: They're wrapping up the forum on the Red Button and the time has come to say goodbye. So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night, I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.

1725: Here are some stats for you: passes completed - Wales 154; Scotland 254. Line breaks - 7-5. Tackles made - 178-99. Tackles missed - 16-9. Errors made - 10-8.

1720: For anyone who missed Alex Cuthbert's try for Wales, you can take a look at it by clicking here...

Scotland head coach Andy Robinson: "I'm proud of the way we went out and played the game. We had opportunities to score before half-time and didn't and after half-time we missed the restart and Wales took their opportunities. Credit to Wales, they had chances and took them and we had chances and we didn't. We played very well and we're hurting and disappointed."

Wales full-back Leigh Halfpenny on the Red Button: "I thoroughly enjoyed today. It's always nice to go over the whitewash and to have the kicking duties too, I loved it. We came in at half-time a bit frustrated but we knew if we kept the ball we could put them under pressure and the points and tries would come."

Jazim Sohail on Twitter:external-link"It's the same old story, every year Scotland come into a Six Nations with high expectations and every year they don't deliver."

ij1971 on Twitter: external-link"#bbcsixnations still think Ryan was MOTM. Dan was great but to secure all that ball and lead the side so well. Great game."

Wales head coach Warren Gatland: "I'm pleased with the result. There are a few things to work on but we knew how tough Scotland were going to be. Everyone had written them off but at half-time the message was 'we know we're in a Test match, we need to be more accurate. Let's just keep it simple, retain ball and create some chances'."

Trenchianiooo on Twitter:external-link "Great game overall Wales deserved the win but Scotland played some great rugby and the score should have been closer!"

Former Wales fly-hald Jonathan Davies: "Alex Cuthbert played a lot of sevens and you see that in his running, he's got great balance and he's deceptively quick. And you've got to remember, it's only his first year for Cardiff Blues. He'll be a big asset to Wales."

1658: Have a little dabble with your red button if you fancy watching the forum with Andy Nicol, Shane Williams and Jonathan Davies.

Former Scotland international Andy Nicol: "It's been a great testament to the athleticism of these players, both sides were out on their feet. Scotland have lost two games now but they will take so much more from this game than they did last week."

1650: Wales still on for the Triple Crown - England next at Twickenham - and of course the Grand Slam. Not sure what Andy Robinson will make of that but I'm thinking whatever he says will generate a few more headlines containing the word 'rues'...

FULL-TIME: Wales 27-13 Scotland Priestland runs out of puff and goes for touch and that is that for the day, but not after one last thrust from deep from the Scots. Tremendous game - top effort from the Scottish forwards, bit more nous from their backs but Wales were just too good. I should add, Wales don't deal in poor games.

78 mins: Wales 27-13 Scotland Scotland tap and go but there's no way through, the doors slammed in their face. Phase upon phase upon phase before Ed Kalman lose it forward... ambition from Wales, running it from behind their own line... Davies dummies, into the Scotland half, but Scott Williams, I believe, is eventually hauled down. Good game this.

76 mins: Wales 27-13 Scotland Not sure how you like to spend your Sundays - feed animals in the zoo? Then later, a movie, too? And then home? Not for Lou Reed, he's on for his international debut. Scotland all over Wales at the moment, but for that costly 15 minutes they would have been right in this. Ross Rennie nearly through before the visitors are awarded a penalty bang in front.

74 mins: Wales 27-13 Scotland Faletau mopping up a potentially sticky situation - they should call him The Wolf, a la Pulp Fiction - before Paul James and Andy Powell replace Adam Jones and Dan Lydiate. Rory Lamont taking men with him on a charge before Sean Lamont makes a half-break. Wales stray off-side before Laidlaw grubbers through, only for the ball to bounce into a defender's hands.

71 mins: Wales 27-13 Scotland Wales turn it over before Shingler straightens. The ball is swung left but that's a fine double-hit on Evans. Priestland very nearly breaks through before Jonathan Davies comes over all artistic with a neat little kick to Cuthbert. The big man, however, is hustled into touch.

69 mins: Wales 27-13 Scotland Wales turn it over, in fact they've won a penalty for hands in a ruck. However, Halfpenny tugs it left and he's now five from six.

66 mins: Wales 27-13 Scotland Laidlaw lazily lobs over the two-pointer and here comes Denton again, Scotland playing with more verve than at any point in the game. Here's Hogg again, swerving past a couple of defenders, leaving one for dead with a vicious step that would have had Phil Bennett purring. But it all comes to nowt.

Former Wales fly-half Jonathan Davies on BBC One: "Scotland deserve that try after the previous try was disallowed. It's amazing they've created more with a man short. That'll give them confidence."

62 mins: TRY Wales 27-11 Scotland Faletau brings it clear but it's a penalty to Scotland for holding onto the ball. They tap and go and here comes Denton and then Gray, two giant wolves howling at the door. Here comes Hogg again, carving a line off the wing, before Greig Laidlaw reaches out and touches down for Scotland's first try in five games.

62 mins: Wales 27-6 Scotland Blair with a tap-and-go and here goes Jones, carving through the Welsh ranks. TRY! SURELY! NOOOOO! Stuart Hogg is adjudged to have knocked on with the line at his mercy - he didn't, which only makes it even more annoying for Andy Robinson.

59 mins: Wales 27-6 Scotland It's all Wales and here comes Cuthbert down the right... Scotland penalty and they have the chance to clear their lines at last...

56 mins: TRY Wales 27-6 Scotland Nick de Luca back into the fray, Scotland back up to 14 men, but here's Halfpenny's second try, the little full-back looping round the back of Phillips, snaffling the offload and going over in the corner. Scotland being hacked to pieces on the ramparts. Halfpenny swings over the conversion...

54 mins: YELLOW CARD Wales 20-6 Scotland Jamie Roberts goes on the smash again, ball is shifted to Faletau and the upshot of all this is a yellow card for Scotland full-back Rory Lamont - the visitors down to 13. Wales kick for the corner and it's a line-out on the Scotland 5m line...

Rhysrhywiol on Twitter:external-link "I've got an urge to give Andy Robinson a huge bear hug. He looks so stressed in that glass box! #bbcsixnations

James_burridge on Twitter:external-link "You've got to feel for Andy Robinson. No matter what he does with them in training, falls to pieces when it matters. #bbcsixnations."

50 mins: TRY Wales 20-6 Scotland Jamie Roberts over the gain line after quick ball off the top of the line-out, Jenkins with an offload to Lydiate and Roberts is hauled down five metres short. Magnificent cover defence from Scotland but they eventually buckle after the ball is swung right - Cuthbert swerves round the last defender and puts Halfpenny in for a try. Scotland could be on the end of a fearful drubbing if they're not careful. Robinson looks rueful, not sure how much more he can take of this. Halfpenny pops over the conversion.

48 mins: PENALTY Wales 13-6 Scotland Penalty for Scotland bang in front and Laidlaw slippers it through. Blair into the mix for Cusiter at scrum-half for Scotland.

45 mins: PENALTY Wales 13-3 Scotland Incidentally, that was Cuthbert's first try on his third appearance. Less incidentally, Halfpenny just extended Wales' lead with a penalty. Wales buoyant, Scotland drowning, Andy Robinson looks like death warmed-up.

44 mins: Wales 10-3 Scotland Halfpenny with the extras and what a start that is to the second half for Wales. The Cardiff faithful find their voice - not Enter Sandman, Land of My Fathers - and here goes Jonathan Davies after a hack through. Penalty for a tackle off the ball by De Luca on Davies and the Scotland centre will have his feet in a bowl for 10 minutes.

Jacobcusworth on Twitter:external-link "And just like last time, Scotland are sleepy and the opposition get a try. It's getting a bit predictable #bbcsixnations."

42 mins: TRY Wales 8-3 Scotland Righto, players out again, Ken Owens now a permanent replacement at hooker for Huw Bennett. Cusiter makes a hash of the restart and Wales have a line-out in Scotland's 22. Ryan Jones with a strong carry and here comes Roberts on the angle... Faletau on a charge before Jonathan Davies very nearly breaks through... Phillips with a snipe but he's snagged... ball goes right, Wales have numbers, and it's Cuthbert who goes bursting over for the first try of the match.

Blackenbauer on Twitter:external-link "Very predictable rugby from Scotland. @chriscusiter has been one of the few inspiring players #bbcsixnations."

Former Wales scrum-half Robert Jones on BBC Radio 5 live extra: "Wales started looking very lively and very threatening. The scoreline suggests a dour game of rugby but the endeavour has been fantastic - the defences have held strong though. Scotland have tried to play quality rugby - they haven't quite had the killer instinct but certainly for the last 20 minutes they put the Welsh defence under huge, huge pressure."

Former Wales wing Shane Williams on BBC One: "Fitness will be a big factor in the second half with the way both sides have defended so far."

Former Wales fly-half Jonathan Davies on BBC One: "A very entertaining game. Both sides have thrown it about but the defences are on top, the speed of the backlines is very good. There was maybe only one real chance for Scotland and that was a big missed opportunity."

HALF-TIME: Wales 3-3 Scotland Deary me, the Scots muff their lines again - with the doors hanging off their hinges, Jacobsen knocks on. Scotland have all the cutting edge of a blob of ice cream. North is helped from the field, looks like he's turned an ankle, Lee Byrne into the fray. Scotland make a mess of Wales' scrum but Phillips toes it into touch to signal half-time.

38 mins: Naughty little offload by Sean Lamont, out of the back of the hand, and Scotland string some phases together. Nice offload from Gray before Lee Jones has a snipe but is snagged. Shingler with tireless work in defence, no way through for the Scots... Rory Lamont very nearly breaks clear down the right but that's some covering tackle... Wales down to 14, North sidelined, and Scotland keep coming...

34 mins: Scotland mine the short side before massing through the middle, rumbling into the Wales 22... penalty Wales, Strokosch holding on - not quite the try-fest we might have hoped for but it's a decent game.

32 mins: Wales not rolling away but Laidlaw lacks a bit of muscle when it comes to long-range kicks, the irony being he then goes long with his touch-finder. Hogg looks to go over North's head but the big man fields it and runs it back... Halfpenny snagged by Cusiter going backwards, Max Evans is off for Hogg by the way...

28 mins: PENALTY Wales 3-3 Scotland Big scrum Scotland, walking Wales backwards, but it's eventually stuck down Halfpenny's neck and Wales win a penalty for off-side. Halfpenny slams it through, we're all square again...

25 mins: I must apologise, technical problems again, ghosts in the machine, perhaps a metaphor... here comes Cuthbert on a charge before Wales sweep it left and Jonathan Davies has a go, taking blue shirts with him, proof a rolling stone does gather moss... Wales threatening but it's eventually knocked on...

22 mins:PENALTY Wales 0-3 Scotland Greig Laidlaw pops over the three-pointer, Scotland into the lead...

21 mins: Ross Ford has a little word with referee Romain Poite and, hey presto, Scotland win a penalty from the next scrum. Rory Lamont trundles onto a high ball and breaks a couple of tackles but it all breaks down with a loose pass from De Luca. However, Rennie soothes the situation for Scotland with an impressive barrel through the Welsh ranks and Scotland eventually win a penalty bang in front.

17 mins: Powerful Wales scrum and the Scots are penalised, for what I know not. Priestland kicks for the corner and Wales have a line-out just inside the Scotland 22. They've muffed that right up, the Welsh line-out all over the oche at the moment.

14 mins: The high-kneed Cuthbert goes on a canter before Laidlaw grubbers into touch to give us al some respite. Replay of that North-Hamilton collision - to paraphrase Muhammad Ali, that would have shaken North's kinsfolk in, erm, King's Lynn.

13 mins: George North with hands on the ball for the first time in the match. Shingler, a sevens international, very nearly swerves past the last defender but is snagged by Denton. Jamie Roberts being treated but looks like he's alright. Wales scrum...

9 mins: Jonathan Davies with a massive hit on Lee Jones, who coughs the ball up - much like a man bashing a vending machine in anger. But here comes Richie Gray on the charge, and what a sight that is, right up there with the Serengeti wildebeest migration. Very open game so far, Ken Owens on for Huw Bennett at hooker for Wales...

5 mins: MISSED PENALTY: Long throw from Huw Bennett and it misses everyone in red and falls into the arms of Ros Rennie, who sweeps clear. Penalty for Scotland, Wales off-side after Halfpenny spills a high one... Greig Laidlaw tugs it left of the uprights...

2 mins: Laidlaw with the kick-off. Up-and-under from Priestland and here comes Faletau, swatting a couple of tacklers away... Wales have come to play and here comes Halfpenny, scuttling down the left flank like a crab across sand. Denton under a high one, mark taken, pressure relieved...

1503: Not sure what was more rousing - Flower of Scotland, Land of My Fathers or the blast of Enter Sandman that preceded them. Whatever, stand by for some rugby. Scotland splitting for the kick-off, playing silly beggars already...

Former Scotland full-back Gavin Hastings on BBC Radio 5 live extra: "Scotland will not only have the disappointment of the match against England, but I think Scotland will carry a lot of the frustration they would have felt from two years ago. Scotland's backs are against the wall and nobody outside of maybe the Scotland team and management is giving them a prayer, but we've seen in the past that can make them dangerous."

1458: Players are out - big reception for the Scots, the roof almost flies off for the Welsh. Ryan Jones, replacing Warburton today as captain, leads his boys into the fray and it's time for a spot of Flower of Scotland.

Former Scotland scrum-half Andy Nicol on BBC One: "The Wales backline is big enough to be a pack and they will use that physicality; Scotland aren't as big but will try to use Sean lamont to counter that."

1455: David Denton's favourite food? Lasagne. Why? It's cheesy, fatty and fun. That's how hard hitting our interviews are at the BBC. Could be a real old ding-dong between Denton and Faletau today - two big men, they're in good shape and they do this for a living.

Former Wales scrum-half Robert Jones on BBC Radio 5 live extra: History favours Wales and you can look at current form and you would say it's going to be a pretty one-sided contest but in reality Scotland have always done well in Cardiff. Their big issue is crossing the try line. They're creating opportunities and it must be a massive frustration to the players, but once they start getting tries - and they do more often than not - that will lift them massively.

Former Scotland fly-half Dan Parks: "I thought it was a good time to call it a day. It's a bit of a worry [Scotland's lack of tries], we had eight clear line-breaks against England and we couldn't convert one of them. Greig [Laidlaw] has only been in the 10 position for a short time but if we can get him playing nice and flat he should be OK."

1448: Wales coach Warren Gatland says he is confident Aaron Shingler will fit in just fine at seven for Wales against Scotland. It's not Shingler's favoured position, however, and he's got some pretty big boots to fill. Twelve minutes until kick-off, here's Dan Parks on the telly...

Fernando, Little Whinging: "I don't think there is any doubt that Scotland have the players, it's a mental thing we have where we can't score tries! We've proven in recent years that we can beat Australia and South Africa, we just rarely click."

From buncey07: "No Warburton, a difficult game just got a lot harder. Everyone expects Wales to win big. Lose lose situation for them #bbcsixnations"

1436: For Big George North, read Deadly David Denton, who made some impression last week against England, he was head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch. That said, he's not exactly a product of the Scottish system, shall we say - he's from South Africa via Zimbabwe.

1430: For those asking why Justin Tipuric hasn't replaced Warburton, as he did in Dublin, he had already been ruled out with an ankle injury.

1427: By the way, get involved by tweeting us on #bbcsixnations or texting via 81111 and we'll endeavour to lob a few of them in the live text as we go. Looking forward to seeing Big George North in action again today - some player, like a fridge-freezer on legs. Fast ones.

1423: Wales and Scotland have met on 116 occasions, with Wales leading the series 65-48, with three draws. Wales, victors over Ireland last weekend, have won their opening two Six Nations Tests just twice before - and on both those occasions they went on to land the title and Grand Slam.

1415: Andy Robinson's Scotland have won one Six Nations away game since 2006 - 23-20 at Croke Park in 2010 - and have not scored a try in their last four Tests. It's getting pretty serious for Robbo - get thumped today, without scoring any tries, and the Scottish press won't just be asking questions, they'll be demanding answers. Big question is, is there anything Robinson can do or are his players just not good enough?

1410: Aaron Shingler wasn't even in Warren Gatland's 22-man squad. His younger brother, Steven, is currently at the centre of an eligibility row between Wales and Scotland over his desire to play Test rugby for the Scots.

Former captain Ryan Jones will lead Wales in Warburton's absence for a record-equalling 28th time, drawing level with the mark of legendary wing Ieuan Evans.

1400: Afternoon. The good news is we have a game of rugby union in Cardiff. Bad news (if you're Welsh) is Sam Warburton is out with a dead leg. Scarlets back-row Aaron Shingler makes his debut.

Wales: 15-Leigh Halfpenny, 14-Alex Cuthbert, 13-Jonathan Davies, 12-Jamie Roberts, 11-George North, 10-Rhys Priestland, 9-Mike Phillips; 1-Gethin Jenkins, 2-Huw Bennett, 3-Adam Jones, 4-Ryan Jones, 5-Ian Evans, 6-Dan Lydiate, 7-Aaron Shingler, 8-Toby Faletau. Replacements: 16-Ken Owens, 17-Paul James, 18-Lou Reed, 19-Andy Powell, 20-Lloyd Williams, 21-James Hook, 22-Scott Williams.

Scotland: 15-Rory Lamont, 14-Lee Jones, 13-Nick De Luca, 12-Sean Lamont, 11-Max Evans, 10-Greig Laidlaw, 9-Chris Cusiter; 1-Allan Jacobsen, 2-Ross Ford, 3-Geoff Cross, 4-Richie Gray, 5-Jim Hamilton, 6-Alasdair Strokosch, 7-Ross Rennie, 8-David Denton. Replacements: 16-Scott Lawson, 17-Ed Kalman, 18-Alastair Kellock, 19-John Barclay, 20-Mike Blair, 21-Duncan Weir, 22-Stuart Hogg.