Stuart Lancaster sets out his vision for England success

New England head coach Stuart Lancaster says he wants his players to play with pride as he plans for success on home soil at the 2015 World Cup.

"I want there to be pride and a vision, and the vision is to win the World Cup in 2015," said the 42-year-old.

"I want to create an environment where the players play with no fear. I think the players are committed to that."

Lancaster also revealed he had told the Rugby Football Union his plans for the make-up of the coaching staff.

"I have made my views clear to the interview panel, but we have to go one step at a time," he continued.

"It is about today and moving things forward in the right order."

As interim boss during the Six Nations, Lancaster was assisted on a temporary basis by forwards coach Graham Rowntree and backs and defence coach Andy Farrell.

Rowntree is likely to become a permanent part of the set-up and Saracens chairmen Nigel Wray told BBC Sport he is concerned that first-team coach Farrell may follow suit.

He said: "To a certain extent, if you are not worried about people you are employing, they are probably not very good.

"So, that is a constant worry, and we have to make sure we have a group of people here who are very tightly-knit and stay together.

"We want Andy Farrell here, we are trying to build something special, and he is a special part of it."

Lancaster will lead England on their tour of South Africa in the summer, with his contract, which runs until 2016, taking in the 2015 World Cup in England.

"Being head coach of your national team in any sport (is an honour), but to do it at a time when we've got a World Cup in our own country is a huge, huge honour," he said.

"I was sat last night at West Park in Leeds having finished with the under-11s and we were talking about the tour - not the South Africa tour, the Scarborough tour.

"I was sat there planning that and I thought 'what would I want to see if I was a mini-team rugby coach or a spectator?' and there are three things I'd like to bring to the (England) team.

"The first is pride, in wearing the shirt and the connection with people. The second is the vision for the future, and that is to win the World Cup in 2015.

"The third is for the players to play without fear, that when they come to play for England they can seize their opportunities and play without fear."

Lancaster's next game in charge for England will be on 9 June in Durban. The autumn then sees fixtures against Fiji, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand on consecutive weekends.

He concluded: "In terms of the South Africa tour, we saw with the British and Irish Lions what a challenging tour it is going to be.

"What happens between the domestic season finishing and the South Africa tour is critical in my mind. Players' motivation to go to South Africa has to be right.

"We have to get the mind-set right. There's a huge mental challenge going on that tour so that's going to be huge for us.

"It will get tougher for us, but if we want to be in a position to win in 2015 then we have to take on these challenges."

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