Nat Saumi closing in on Plymouth Albion squad for 2012-13

Nat Saumi

Plymouth Albion boss Nat Saumi says he is hoping to announce soon who the club will retain for the next season.

"It's going well. It's been tough but I've got my timeframes," Saumi told BBC Radio Devon.

"It's going slowly and smoothly and I'm hoping that I will be done before the end of May."

The club is edging towards financial survival after putting out a plea in January for £250,000 to keep the club afloat.

And Saumi says the players he is negotiating with are aware of the club's financial position.

"It's always a three-way conversation with myself, the player and the agents," he added.

"But we are coming to a decent way of negotiations. They know the way the club is and they understand the situation where we are with the club."

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