Mike Blair Q&A

Former Scotland scrum-half Mike Blair

Mike Blair, Scotland's most-capped scrum-half, has answered your questions.

The 31-year-old, who recently retired from international rugby, made 85 appearances for Scotland and skippered the side 14 times.

The former Edinburgh scrum-half, now at Brive, answers questions posted on Twitter over the weekend - entries are now closed for this Q&A. His answers appear below.

For me, you and Dan Parks were a great half back combo, was it frustrating that media/fans seemingly drove him into quitting Scotland? 1983Jamie

I loved playing with Dan, everyone liked to point at the things that he wasn't so good at rather than the skills that he excelled at. He was one of the best tactical kickers in the world out of hand and had a great goal-kicking record at international level. Scottish wins v England (twice), France, South Africa and Ireland (A) were built on these skills. Some people appreciated this but sadly some did not.

Where do you think you'll like to finish your professional career? Scotland, France or somewhere new? Euan Simpson

I'm really enjoying the French way of life and trying to learn the language. Also, the different styles of play and coaching techniques are keeping me fresh. I jokingly said to my wife that we're not leaving France until we both speak the language fluently!

Can Scotland manage to see out games to finish in the top half of the Six Nations table under the interim head coach?Matthew Thorburn

The way the games are drawn, with Scotland having three home games in the middle, I think there will be an opportunity to end in the top half. As you suggest, Scotland have been competitive right until near the end of matches but can't quite cross the line. And this is the secret of international rugby! It takes a bit of composure and confidence in your team to achieve this.

Who would be your starting line-up against England? Paul De Challans, Worthington.

Some positions are nailed on but there are also plenty up for grabs. We'll know soon enough what team Scott Johnson will select and I'm sure there will be some surprises in there: 2,6,7,8,12,13 will be the positions I will look at first when the team is announced.

What was your proudest rugby moment? Lisa Martin

Lifting the Calcutta Cup in my first game as captain at Murrayfield was a really special moment for me. I was in the crowd for the 2000 Calcutta Cup win and remember the atmosphere and the feeling as a spectator when Andy Nicol raised the trophy; eight years later I was doing the same thing.

Who would you play at 9 for Calcutta Cup? Any club/international career regrets? Craig Lindsay

I think it's probably unrealistic to put Sean Kennedy into the match squad straight away having only played a handful of professional matches. So, it's between Laidlaw and Pyrgos. I think Laidlaw will start, he's a very quick thinking, level-headed player and is a strong goal-kicker so I think he will get the nod. Pyrgos will get time off the bench, though, as he will bring a bit of extra energy and pace to the side.

Who do you think should kick goal for Scotland during the Six Nations campaign? Craig Fleming

If Laidlaw starts, as I'd imagine he will, then it will be him. If he doesn't start then it becomes more interesting and we'd be looking at whoever plays at 10 with the possibility of Horne if he is involved.

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