Women's Six Nations: England Women 76-0 Scotland Women

Women's Six Nations 2013 highlights: England 76-0 Scotland

England Women got their Six Nations defence off to the perfect start with a resounding win against Scotland.

Despite their biggest names missing the tournament to focus on the Sevens World Series, England notched up 12 tries.

Sarah Hunter, Ceri Large, Sally Tuson and Abigail Chamberlain all scored two apiece, while Hannah Gallagher, Amber Reed, Kay Wilson and Rochelle Clark also went over the try line in Esher.

The victory means England have now won 37 of the last 38 Six Nations games.

It took the holders 19 minutes to go ahead as captain Hunter scored the first try, although the hosts only had a 24-0 lead at half-time.

But an astonishing second half saw England score a further 52 points.

There was a further bonus for the hosts as wing Fiona Pocock made her first appearance in an England shirt since suffering a serious knee injury in the 2010 Women's World Cup semi-final against Australia.

"For the first 10 or 15 minutes as we were bedding into the game we did make mistakes," said England head coach Gary Street.

"But the important thing was we didn't panic, we got it together and, in the end, the result clearly went our way.

"We had a lot of young, inexperienced players out there but they were all leaders and that's something I'm really pleased with.

"We want our games to be exciting to watch, so when people do tune in on television or come to see us live they get a great experience, and that's what we managed."

England team: Lauren Cattell (Saracens), Lydia Thompson (Worcester), Abigail Chamberlain (Richmond), Amber Reed (Bristol), Kay Wilson (Bristol), Ceri Large (Worcester), Georgina Gulliver (Lichfield), Kate Newton (Bristol), Emma Croker (Richmond), Roz Crowley (Lichfield), Tamara Taylor (Lichfield) Emily Braund (Lichfield), Joanna McGilchrist (Wasps), Hannah Gallagher (Saracens) Sarah Hunter (capt.) (Lichfield)

Replacements: Victoria Fleetwood (Lichfield), Laura Keates (Worcester), Rochelle Clark (Worcester), Rebecca Essex (Richmond), Harriet Millar-Mills (Lichfield), La Toya Mason (Wasps), Sally Tuson (Bristol), Fiona Pocock (Richmond)

Scotland team: Steph Johnston (RHC Cougars), Annabel Sergeant (Richmond), Sarah Dixon (RHC Cougars), Lisa Ritchie (Carlisle), Megan Gaffney (Hillhead Jordanhill); Tanya Griffith (RHC Cougars), Louise Dalgliesh (RHC Cougars); Heather Lockhart (Hillhead Jordanhill), Sarah Quick (Murrayfield Wanderers), Tracey Balmer (Worcester), Lindsay Wheeler (Richmond), Bridget Millar-Mills (Worcester), Mary Lafaiki (Hillhead Jordanhill), Tess Forsberg (Richmond), Susie Brown (capt - Richmond).

Replacements: Beth Dickens (Murrayfield Wanderers), Suzanne McKerlie-Hex (Murrayfield Wanderers), Lindsey Smith (Hillhead Jordanhill), Becca Parker (Hillhead Jordanhill), Jade Konkel (Hillhead Jordanhill), Sarah Law (Murrayfield Wanderers), Leanne Neary (Murrayfield Wanderers), Lauren Harris (Melrose).

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