Arena affordable for Darlington Mowden Park - Dave Liddle

Darlington Arena

Darlington Mowden Park facilities development director Dave Liddle has said the club can make their Arena move financially viable.

Saturday's 62-7 victory against Bromsgrove was their first match at the new home since

"It's a big building but that brings opportunities," Liddle told BBC Tees.

"We're confident with uses beyond sport we can make sufficient income for running costs and profits to develop."

He continued: "Running cost will be around £10,000 but possibly higher than that."

Parts of the stadium office space have been leased to local companies including a nursery and gyms, while plans are in place to expand on 40 acres of land for further pitches and playing areas.

"The stadium needs to cover a variety of uses, there are significant rental opportunities, the car park is an asset, and we're looking at concerts," Liddle added.

"We want to make the stadium accessible to the community, so everybody can enjoy it and provide an income for community rugby.

"It's not just the first-team, it's the 19 other teams from all age ranges from six onwards, and our thriving women's side."

The club have also bought 17 acres of adjoining land on which they intend to develop a multi-sports facility.