Exeter Chiefs boss Rob Baxter hails new coach Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter

Exeter boss Rob Baxter says he is confident England Under-20s head coach Rob Hunter will improve his side when he arrives at the club.

Hunter when he joins after the U20 Six Nations finishes.

"There's a bit of an area that we can work on with the forwards," Baxter BBC South West Sport.

"A bit more individual work with our younger players, but also bringing in some fresh ideas for the whole team."

At the moment Exeter's forwards are coached solely by Baxter, while Hunter's former Northampton colleague Aly Hepher and skills coach Ricky Pellow look after the club's backs.

"He's had a good relationship with Aly Hepher over quite a long period of time," Baxter said.

"Aly speaks very highly of him and they worked very closely at Northampton's academy. I look at Aly's input here and I think that's a great compliment for Rob."

As well as helping Baxter with the forwards, Hunter will also take over Robin Gibson's role at the club's academy.

The Chiefs youth section currently has five players in Hunter's England Under-20s team, while a sixth, Jack Nowell, would also be in the side if he was not part of Exeter's Premiership squad.

"He's been down here a fair bit working with our under-20s guys so we've got to know him," Baxter continued.

"We've seen the work he's done with our under-20s players and what they think of him, and we've seen how well our under-20s team have gone.

"We're really pleased with the signing. It doesn't necessarily thicken us as a coaching staff as Rob Gibson is moving.

"But he'll take more of an enhanced role as we shift some responsibilities around and he'll work a bit more with the senior group of players as well as the academy."

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