Fylde coach Mark Nelson wants RFU clarification on bladed soles

Rugby Union

Fylde head coach Mark Nelson wants clarification from the the Rugby Football Union regarding the wearing of boots with bladed soles.

It follows a game at Loughborough Students on Saturday, which saw Fylde centre Stephen Briers needing hospital treatment for a deep gash in his leg.

Nelson told BBC Radio Lancashire that it was an accidental clash but fears a similar incident could happen again.

"Say that caught his neck - it doesn't bear thinking about," he said.

"What makes it worse is that there was absolutely no intent from the opposition player - it was a complete accident. People will ask why that's worse, but it was random.

"If he'd deliberately meant to do it, that's cause and effect. If it's a fluke once, it could be a fluke again.

"I think the nature of the design of those 'blades' is particularly susceptible to causing that injury. We had another player - Scott Barrow - who had a similar cut in the same place playing for England Counties.

"I can mention it to people at the RFU and see what they come back with. I don't want to have a crusade against 'blades' because you can't prove anything one way or the other. I just think it's worth highlighting."

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