Redruth coach Ashley Morcom plays down EGM


Redruth head coach Ashley Morcom says the extraordinary general meeting called by the club for 14 Novemberexternal-link is not related to rugby matters.

Morcom admitted there were "money issues" at the club, who racked up substantial debts during their time in National League One.

"We've got a pot of money for our playing fund. The meeting is off-field stuff," he told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"It's nothing to do with the the rugby side of things."

The Reds are in 11th place in National League Two after a 12-12 draw with Shelford at the weekend.

"The rugby operation is run by Adrian Edwards and myself, and we're sorted ourselves, but with committee members and so on there's always issues," added Morcom.

Morcom said the task of taking over from Edwards as head coach was a daunting prospect.

"It is difficult taking over at Redruth with the money issues and strong characters," he said.

"With regard to the club as a whole, we're one of the oldest and highest-ranking clubs in Cornwall over a long period of time.

"Obviously we've got the Cornish Pirates now, who are a professional outfit, and we're up there with the likes of Launceston. In theory we're the second or third-best sports club in Cornwall so it's a fair old thing to ask a 31-year-old but I'm there to do it.

"They are big boots to fill and I'd like to think that in time I will fill them. If everyone buys in to what we're trying to achieve, it will happen."

Morcom said the draw against Shelford had been a frustrating affair, although he was pleased with the way his side came back after a slow start.

"When we started to realise they weren't as good as we thought they were, we played a bit of rugby and played well but we can't let sides have a run-up at us," he said.

"We've been trying to play a new style of rugby and get away from the rugby we've always played - it's taking a while to bed in but soon we'll click and we'll start putting sides away."

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