Welsh rugby: President's Caps given to 25 players for non-Tests

Gareth Jenkins

Special caps have been be awarded to 25 rugby players who played for Wales in non-Test matches.

They include ex-Wales, Llanelli and Scarlets coach Gareth Jenkins, a flanker on tour against Japan in 1975.

Games designated for Welsh Rugby Union's President's Caps include post-World War Two Victory Internationals against France.

Players from tour games in Argentina (1968), home against Tonga (1974) and Romania (1979) are also included.

In a statement the WRU explained that retrospective full caps would not be awarded to the 25 players whose President's Caps were to be handed over ahead of Wales' Friday night clash with Tonga.

The new caps were also given to descendents of family members of players who have passed away.

The statement read: "President's Cap records will be held separately so as not to cause a knock on effect in the history books and alter cap numbers of players who have since represented Wales, or individuals who played in these games but also went on to be awarded full honours."

WRU president Dennis Gethin added: "I am delighted that the contribution of these players to Welsh international rugby is now recorded in this way.

"It is also important that the contribution of those players no longer with us is not forgotten, especially those who represented their country in the victory internationals after the Second World War."

Former Cardiff lock Lyn Baxter who played in the first Test on the 1968 tour to Argentina said: "It's the only thing I've wanted since I was five years old so I'm thrilled to have been recognised in this way.

"I missed out on a Five Nations cap in 1968 through injury but then went on a tough summer tour to Argentina."

Jenkins, now Scarlets head of head of development/recruitment, said: "It's an honour to have received this cap, and a joy to meet up with all the other recipients of the President's Caps dating back to the Second World War."

The new caps were also given to descendents of family members of players who have passed away.

The WRU also appealed for help finding the families of Rheinallt Hugh Lloyd-Davies, who played in the 1945 victory international against France, and Hubert Edward Jones and William E Williams who both played in the 1946 victory international against France.

WRU President's Cap recipients:

Victory International Wales v France 1945: Rheinallt Hugh Lloyd-Davies, Graham George Hale, David Glyn Jones, William James Darch, Elwyn Gwyther, Sedley James, George Davies, Watkin Elvet Jones.

Victory International Wales v France 1946: William E Williams, David Glyn Davies, David John Davies, Hubert Edward Jones, John Henry Bale, William Glydwr Jones.

Argentina v Wales 1968 (first Test): Glenville Ball, Andrew Kenvyn Morgan, Glyndwr Turner, Brian Butler, Lyn Baxter.

Argentina v Wales 1968 (second Test): Stuart Ferguson, Robert Hugh Phillips.

Wales v Tonga 1974: Colin Bolderson, Gerald Bruce Wallace, Edwin Roy Thomas.

Japan v Wales 1975 (second Test): Gareth John James Jenkins

Wales XV v Romania 1979: Jeffrey Stephen Griffiths.

*Played in both test matches Argentina, 1968.

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